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Урок в 5 класса "My pet@

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          Конспект открытого урока английского языка 

                                   в 5 классе

             Обобщающий урок  на тему « Дом. Квартира»


                                       Ход урока


1. Организационный момент.

2. Приветствие

Good afternoon boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. Take your sits, please.

3. Цель урока

Today at the lesson we’ll speak about the house, about our flats, we`ll revise the phrases “ there is, there are “ and using of  the prepositions : in, on , near, above, on the left, on the right, between and so on.


 4. Речевая зарядка :   Look at the blackboard there is a famous English poem about seasons lets read it and try to change  seasons to the furniture. ( слайд №1)

Spring is green                                   A sofa  is green

Summer is bright                               A carpet is bright

Autumn is yellow                              A chair  is yellow                                                                                                                                                                                

Winter is white.                                 A table  is white.


4.     Повторение лексики в игровой форме.

Let’s play.  Take cards with the pieces of  the furniture and put them on the desk.I’ll say you words in english and you show me you card.


 5. Повторение лексики по картинкам.

Look at the blackboard there are many pictures on it . Let’s call  these pieces of  the furniture  and guess the room.


6. Игра «Угадай-ка»

We have just recalled the names of the rooms using pictures and  I’ll read you the description of the rooms; you try to guess what room I’m reading about.

The room is small. There is a bed, a mirror and a table there. We sleep there. (It’s a bedroom.)

In this room there is a desk, a chair and an armchair, a sofa, a TV set and a carpet. (It’s a living-room.)

In this room there is a desk, bookshelves, a computer. You can do your homework or play there. (It’s a children’s room.)

This room is large. In the middle of the room there is a big table. There are some chairs near the table. On the table there are cups, plates and spoons. (It’s a dining-room.)

In this room you may wash your hands and face, clean your teeth. (It’s a bathroom.)

There is a refrigerator, a stove and a cupboard in this room. We usually cook there. (It’s a kitchen.)

This is not a room. There is no table there. There is a telephone and a chair. There is a mirror on the wall. (It’s a hall.)


7. Найдите ошибки и исправьте их. (Приглашение гостя.)   ( слайд №2,3,4)

Yesterday after lessons in the hall of our school I met one fairy character. His name is Незнайка . He went to our school to begin studying. He wants to tells us  about his  new house. Let’s listen him with great attention and try to find the mistakes in his story.


Hello boys and girls!  Yesterday I bought a new house. Look at my rooms. This is my kitchen. There is a bookcase, a desk and a bed in my kitchen. This is my bedroom. There is a sink, a kitchen table, a cooker and a bath in my bedroom.

This is my bathroom. There is a wardrobe, a picture, a TV set and a carpet in it. Do you like my house?

Oh, Незнайка you made hash of everything. If you will  begin to study  you’ll know  the names of the rooms. 


9. Вставьте предлоги  ( слайд №6)


8. Сравнение двух комнат  ( слайд №5)


10. Игра « Nonsense»  ( слайд № 7)

 Make up sentences and questions from these words.


11.Аудирование “ Dima’s room” ( слайд №8)


12. Вопросно-ответная работа

1        Have you got a house or a flat?

2        Is your flat big or small?

3        What rooms are there in your flat?

4        What is there in the kitchen?

5        What is there in the living room?

6        What is there in your room?


12. Проверка домашнего задания « Описание своей комнаты»


13. Стих  “My dream home”

            I dream of a home so light and warm

           That isn’t afraid of rain and storm

           And everyone can find their place,

           As my dream home has plenty of space:

           A room for my mum,

           A room for my dad,

           A room for me and my brother Fred.

           And one sitting room

           Where we get together

          And fell very nice in any weather.


14. Исполнение песни “ Home”


          Home is the nicest place to be

          With father and mother and baby and me,

          With Skipper – our dog and Smoky- our cat .

          Oh, no place could ever been nicer than that.



15.  Изучение пословицы  ( слайд № 9)

« There is no place like home»


17. Подведение итогов урока и выставление оценок.





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