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Урок в 8 классе по теме "Ты в ответе за свою планету"

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План-конспект открытого урока в 8 классе по теме: «Ты в ответе за свою планету?»

Цели урока: Развивающий аспект-развитие способности к общению, логичности и доказательности;

Воспитательный аспект-формирование ответственного отношения к проблемам окружающей среды;

Учебный аспект-совершенствование речевых навыков.

Сопутствующая задача-развитие навыков ознакомительного чтения и грамматических навыков говорения (условные предложения)

1.Warming up.

-Dear students! It’s a wonderful day today, isn’t it? It’s cold, but sunny. The sky is blue. The air is fresh and clean. We are welcoming the visitors of our lesson. I propose you to begin our lesson with a piece of good music. “Good beginning makes good ending” as both English and Russian people say.(на экране картинки красивой природы)

-How beautiful our land is. (на экране стих)

Oh, Russia, I’m in love with you.

Remember, Russia, you are great

Not in the fields of battles past,

But in the green fields full of wheat

And forests, gardens, free of dust.

I love you deeply, dear land,

Your hills and rivers, sand on strand.

Your songs and dances, lakes and seas.

You beasts and fish, birds in trees

Your sunrise in a splendid sight

Which gives me always such delight.

L. Khusainova

-Good poetry, charming music. What do you feel when you hear these music and read this poem?

P1-When I listen to this music I hear the voice of running streams of melting ice.

P2-I feel joy and happiness because I hear the nature is awakening.

P3-I hear the voices of birds that are singing their sweet songs and imagine myself in a green forest.

P4-I see the butterflies and beers dancing in the air and imagine myself in a meadow with beautiful wild flowers and berries that are hidden in thick grass.

P5-I see the blue mirrors of the lakes and lines of long and deep rivers, yellow patches of fields full of wheat and even can’t imagine how huge and amazing our country is.

-What nice words, but all these birds,insects, trees, rivers, seas, lakes are in danger now, because they are suffering from serious ecological problems. Our today’s lesson is devoted to these problems and is called “Are you in charge of your planet?” By the way can you name some of these problems?

Air pollution

Water pollution

Noise pollution

Traffic pollution

Acid rains


Ozone layer



Lack of recycling

Dangerous diseases



(слова выходят на экране поочередно)

-I see. But not everyone can realize what is dangerous about all these problems. Let’s play a sort of role-game. Just imagine that I am a chief boss of Nizhnekamsky chemical plant and you are the representatives of “Greenpeace” organization. Try to persuade me that all these problems are really dangerous and exceptionally acute today.

S1-Air pollution. More and more factories, cars, trucks add their bad breath to the air.

S2 - Water pollution. Many rivers and lakes in the world are polluted. Often companies dump chemical waste into water.

S3 - Noise pollution. A lot of cars and industrial plants in big cities produce much noise which damages our health.

S4 – Traffic pollution happens because of growing number of old and new cars, buses, trucks.

S5 – Acid rains. Coal burning factories buff with chemicals called sulfates. When the sulfates mix with clouds acid rains fall and harm lakes, plants, rivers – and the creatures that need them.

S6 – Deforestation is also a very important ecological problem. Trees help us to clear air and we mustn’t cut them down.

S7 – Ozone layer is destroyed and can’t protect the Earth from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the Sun. This may cause serious diseases.

S8 – Global warming. Because of the development of industry and modern technologies we have now “ green house effect”. Because of the global warming ices of Arctic and Antarctic can melt and the ground can be drawn.

S9 – Recycling is one of the ways to clear up our planet and to solve ecologic problems. We must recycle the used products in the recycling centers and try to use less packaging.

-You were convincing. And just for entertaining and relaxation let’s do a quiz.

Look at this table and make your suggestions about the decomposition time of different wastes.

(таблица на доске сначала без ответов, затем с ответами)

1 year

Wooden stakes hello_html_m1c2e3dbc.jpg

4 years

Wax paper cup hello_html_64bd67b3.jpg

5 years

Painted wooden stake hello_html_49b05de4.jpg

13 years

Tin cans hello_html_5c99991e.jpg

100 years

Aluminium cans and plastic bottles hello_html_55e5a837.jpg

up to 500 years

Glass containershello_html_319350c9.jpg


- So, students, let’s look at some photos. Are these places familiar to you? You can see that the nature is clean, the grass is green, the air is fresh, the sky is blue. Do you agree with me? (фотографии природы Нижнекамска и Камских полян, реки Кама)

S1 – I can’t agree with you. Water in the Kama river is not drinkable.

S2 – We can’t use this water for cooking.

S3 – Fish die in the Kama river.

S4 – Smoke from the chimneys of the chemical plant in Nizhnekamsk pollute the air.

S5 – People in Nizhnekamsk suffer from dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart attack.

S6 –There is no place to burry the garbage.

(карта Татарстана со значками SOS)

-Totally agree with you. What can we do to solve these problems?

S1 – We can plant trees.

S2 – We can clear up the springs.

S3 – We can recycle the used products.

S4 – People can organize national parks and nature reserve.

-If we want to solve these problems successfully we should work together with people of different countries. And that is why we should improve our knowledge of the English Language. Let’s read the text and do some tasks.(ex.12p.43)

- Now find the following sentences in the text:

1. Мы живем в удивительном мире.

2.Тысячи лет земля давала поддержку всем формам жизни – людям, животным, птицам, рыбам, насекомым и растениям.

3. Многие виды животных вымерли.

4. Мы живем среди мусора и отходов, которые мы создали сами.

5.Вот лишь некоторые жизненно важные экологические проблемы.

6. Ученые сделали прогнозы и они пугающие.

7. Они загрязняют себя сигаретами, алкоголем и вредной едой.

8. Повсюду леса исчезают.

- The next task is to find the synonyms of the following words and word combinations in the text.

Amazing – wonderful

People – human beings

Die out – disappear

Nature around us – wildlife

Make – create

Vital problems – serious problems

Forecast – prediction

Frightening – alarming

Unhealthy – junk

Rubbish – litter

Everywhere- all over the world

Damage – destroy

Gases – fumes

  • And one more task. Read the following sentences and say if they are true or false.

1. For thousands of years the Earth has given support to all forms of life.

2. Now animals are killing our planet.

3. All of the rivers are full of fish.

4. Forests the size of Belgium are destroyed every year.

5. There is a lot of rubbish on the beaches.

6. People pollute themselves with unhealthy food.

7. Ecologists have made predictions about the ecological situation in the world.

- Students, you’ve done good work. Let’s practice our grammar skills now. Read the poem. It is wise and philosophical to my mind.

If many men knew

What many men know

If many men went

Where many men go

If many men did

What many men do

The world would be better

I think so and you? (стих на доске)

Look at the table

Conditional 2

If-clause Principal clause

( придаточноеусловное) (главное предложение)

If + thepastsimpleV2would+ infinitive

Conditional 3

If + the past perfect had +V3 would have+ V3

So you were given the second parts of the sentences and here on the screen you see the beginnings. Find which beginning corresponds to your ending.

1. If we cut down fewer forests,

2. If we didn’t pollute our rivers and lakes,

3. If we were clever and careful,

4. If we planted more new forests,

5. If we took care of our planet,

6. If people hadn’t polluted the planet,

7. If countries had spent more money on scientific research,

8. If people had dreamed more about space flight,

9. If people hadn’t invented different machines and developed industry,

Additional task. Take the lists with the assignments and complete the conditionals.


-Our lesson has come to an end. Today we have spoken about things that are very important for each person on our planet. We must everything possible to keep our planet green, clean and suitable for living for future generations. Read the poem.(стихотворение напечатано на экране)

I am the Earth

And the Earth is me

Each blade of grass

Each honey tree

Each bit of mud

And stick and stone

Is blood and muscle

Skin and bone

And just as I

Need every bit

Of me to make

My body fit

So Earth needs

Grass and stone and tree

And things that grow here


-So the Earth asks us for the help. What can we do for the improving the ecological situation in our town, in our region and in the world? Let’s write an appeal to the people of the world.

-Save our water!

-Save our air!

-Do not put rubbish into the water!

-Clear up the water in the springs, lakes, ponds and rivers!

-Do not pollute the banks of the river!

-Put your litter in the bin!

-Keep your hometown tidy!

-Respect the life of wildlife!

-Do not cut down trees!

-Protect wildlife, plants and trees!

-Keep our environment clean!

-Recycle used products!

-Do not buy things that can’t be recycled!

-Save our nature!

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