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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок - викторина по теме "Развитие навыков устной речи на английском языке"
ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

Дистанционный курс "Оказание первой помощи детям и взрослым" от проекта "Инфоурок" даёт Вам возможность привести свои знания в соответствие с требованиями закона и получить удостоверение о повышении квалификации установленного образца (180 часов). Начало обучения новой группы: 28 июня.

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Урок - викторина по теме "Развитие навыков устной речи на английском языке"



Игра «Слабое звено».

Уровень – средний , продвинутый.

Цель – Повторить активный словарь ,соответствующий учебнику Inside Out ,проверить знания , полученные на уроках.


Правила игры соответствуют правилам соответствующей теле-игре.В игре участвуют 10-12 человек, которые по очереди отвечают на вопросы ведущего. За правильные ответы начисляются очки.

В каждом раунде игроки избавляются от самого слабого.


1.Where does M.Jagger come from? (England)

2.How many legs has a spider got?(8).

3.What is the capital of Colombia? (Bogota)

4.Where is Hollywood situated? (Los Aneles.California)

5.How many legs has an insect got? (6).

6.Where did the 1st Olympic Games take place? (Athens).

7.How will you say :to be on tour or in tour ? (on).

8.Give the synonym to “rely on”.(count on)

9.The synonym of “down” (sunrise)

10.Correct the sentence : I can”t get no satisfaction.( any satisfaction)

11.Paraphrase “Once in a blue moon” (rarely)

12.Which tense is used in the sentence: Don”t disturb mum.She is having a break. (Pr. Cont.)

13.After the wedding the bride and the groom become …(wife and husband)

14,Spell the word :sincere.

15.Translate :Быть на седьмом небе (To be over the moon)

16.What is your first name?

17.If I go for skydiving, then I am a..(sky diver).

18.Which animal do we usually ride on? (horse)

19.The person who gives you birth is..(mother)

20.The opposite of “a truant” is (swot)

21.Translate: Шалтайболтай

22.Make the singular form of : paparazzi.(paparazzo)

23.What animal is Clooney”s pet? (Vietnamese pot-bellied)

24.Give the phrasal verb to : to explode.( to go off)

25.Translate: a public place (общественное)

26.What is the meaning of the verb to see if it is used in Continuous? (meet)

27.Charming or charmed places? (charming)

28.Translate : Друзья познаются в беде

29.Spell the word :orphan.

30.The 2nd form of :to spit (spat)

31.What does it mean : It”s rubbish.( bad or irritating)

32.The people who watch a film or a play (Audience)

33.Translate :нарушитель спокойствия (Trouble-maker)

34.What is the odd word:Wrong, half,block, yacht, want(half)

35.Make the adverb of :occasion. ( occasionally)

36.Make the verb of the noun “permission” (permit)

37.We really enjoyed ourselves.It was great fun or funny? (fun)

38What is Yoko Ono and John Lennon “s son”s name? (Jean Lennon)

39.The 1st woman Prime minister of England? (M.Thatcher)

40.Who painted The Mona Liza?(L.de Vinci)

41.The longest river in Europe? (The Volga).

42.The 1st vowel in English Alphabet? (A)

43.Which is the auxiliary verb in the sentence : Do you like…

44.The full form of “wanna”

45.Translate :Inner world (внутренний мир).

46.Spell the word : adventure

47.Translate :Он видел цветные сны.(He dreamt in colour)

48.Which tense shows that a situation is true all the time? (Pr.Simple)

49.Love at 1st sight or on 1st sight? (at)

50.Correct :I haven”t saw him for April. (seen him since)

51A person with good sense of humor is ..(witty)

52.Who is a fiancé (bride)

53.Who is your English teacher?

54.What”s the date today?

55.Put the life on risk or at risk ?(at)

56.If you want to eat it is a desert or dessert? (dessert)

57.To yell at smb. Or on smb? (at)

58.A passionate wish is ..(longing)

59.Translate: непослушный ребенок.

60.What do paparazzi usually invade? (privacy)

61.Translate :повестка дня.(agenda)

62.What sort of party does one hold if he moves in a new flat? (housewarming)

63.On Christmas or at Christmas? (on)

64.My job is bored or boring?

65.Translate : old sport. (дружище)

66.The synonym to :gear (equipment)

67.What do you do when you are cold? (shiver)

68.Spell the word : acquit.

69.The synonym of make up (invent)

70.He shouldn”t be allowed on the road, so his driving is terrible or terrific? (terrible)

71.How many players are there in cricket team? (11)

72.Who was the 1st man on the moon? (Neil Armstrong).

73.When is St. Valentine”s day celebrated?

74.Where was Picasso from? (Spain)

75.What is the 1st consonant in English Alphabet? (b)

76,Complete the phrase : Noughts and…(crosses)

77.What is the Beatles? (band)

78.Translate : двойная национальность( dual nationality)

79.Spell : apologize.

80.Translate: быть под впечатлением (be under the impression).

62.Which tense shows the action which happen in the past but it is important now? (Pr.Perfect)

63.What kind of moon do you have after wedding? (Honey)

64.The sort of person who only thinks of his own needs.( selfish).

65.Translate: bear it in mind. (имейте это в виду)

66.The name of the director of La Dolce vita that gave its name to the term paparazzi? (Federico Fell ini).

67.Spell the word : disaster.

68.Complete the saying : god gives you your family, fortunately you can ….. (choose your own friends).

69.What is after Tuesday?

70.Which word is the subject in the question: Did you have a good flight? (you )

71.Who performed “Candle in the wind” at princess Diana”s funeral? (Elton John),

72.Complete the question : Who does your teacher remind you …(of)

73.Hilarious is funny or excited? (funny)

74.The expressions that mean the end of the relationship (split up, break up with, drift apart)

75.The synonym of “student” (undergraduate)

76.Give the same meaning : We have similar interests. (We have a lot in common)

77.The expression that means that the person is stupid. It has a name of famous scientist in it. (You are not Mr\Miss Einstein yourself.)

78.To be over the moon means ..(to be happy)

79.Who did Mark Chapman shoot? (John Lennon)

80.When you fell adrenalin coming to your head it means you have just had an adrenalin …(rush)

81.The kind of sport when you jump from the plane and fall without opening your parachute is called..(skydiving)

82.Who was the last president of the USSR? (Gorbachev)

83.How many fingers has Mickey Mouse got? (4).

84Give the opposite of “the indoor life” (outdoor)

85.When you can”t live without anything (smoking) it means that you are… to it. (addicted)

86.can you say :very perfect? (absolutely perfect)

87.The verb you use with : swimming, riding, skydiving? (go)

88.The person that cares for you and tucks you in at night ? (mum)

89.Complete the children”s joke : What do you call a mother who is very small? (Minimum)

90.What do you put on a baby : nap or nappy? (nappy)

91.The synonym of :to fall out .(argue)

92.Which verb used to show past habits, suggests a feeling of nostalgia? (would)

93.On what type of card can you see : Don”t worry, you are only as old as you feel? (birthday)

94.When a wife is much older than her husband you can say that there is a …between them.(big age gap)

95.When a daughter resembles her mum we say that she …(takes after her)

96.The synonym of : blurb (advertisement)

97.Translate : to mumble.

98.If the person is not up-to-date with modern ideas he is …(old-fashioned)

99.Which animal is stubborn? (ass, donkey)

100.Spell the word :excitement.

101,Translate : a roller-coaster in America. (русские горки).

102.Find the mistake : Kate has big blue eyes. (big blue)

103.Paraphrase: To have doubts about smth. (to have second thought)

104.Give the synonym: nine to five day (working day)

105.What future tense is used with the preposition “ by”? (future perfect)

106.The superlative form of the adjective bad? (the worst).

107.The exam which a student takes to practice for the real exam.(mock exam)

108.Средства к жизни – translate .(livelihood.)

109.The synonym of “to chase “ (to hunt).

110.Give the phrasal verb to the meaning “ to begin seriously or enthusiastically ” (get down to)

111.What expression should be used to talk about intention? (to be going to).

112.Name the tense: By the end of this week we will have been painting the fence for a month. (Future perfect cont.)

113,Who played the title role in the film ‘Evita”? (Madonna)

114.Make the noun of the adjective ‘wise ‘.(wisdom)

115.Correct the mistake : Then the parachute was opening. (was Opened)

116.What is the season when leaves start to fall? (autumn)

117.To share at smb or on smb.? ( at)

118.What is the odd word : student, swot, truant, professor? (professor)

119.What is the noun of the verb : intend? (intention)

120.The bird that can’t fly but runs fast. (ostrich)

121.The 3rd form of “to bleed” (bled)

122.Who was a king of Egypt? (Tutankhamen).

123.Wha is the largrst state of the USA? (Alaska)

124.Who was the first man in space? (Gagarin).

125.What is the longest river in the world? (the Nile)

126.What does the word cash mean? (наличные)

127.Translate : We went our separate ways. (наши пути разошлись).

128.We use the adverb “often” before the verb to be or after? (after)

129.Spell “straight”

130.What does it mean :to fidget? (суетиться).

131.to judge the book by its cover or on its cover? (by)

132.The sort of person who is easily offended? (oversensitive)

133.She is a bride and he is a …(groom)

134.Spell the routine.

135.The opposite to imfaithful (faithful)

136.What should you say if you are late at the lesson? (Sorry, may I come in?)

137.What is Jane Coach if she won the female boxing match? (boxer)

138.Spell the comparative form of the adjective “hot” (hotter)

139.What do children wear when they are eating ? (a bib)

140.What can you see on the ground after rain? (puddles).

141.Which expression should you use to describe repeated actions in the past? (used to, would).

142.what did Alec Baldwin give a paparazzo when he filmed him with his family? ( a black eye).

143. Paraphrase : to be in a jail. (in prison).

144.Give the phrasal verb to the meaning “say goodbye before a journey”? (see smb off).

145.To show that you are talking about future arrangements you use? (Pr. Cont.)

146.How can we call the slate if we are waiting for a baby? (pregnancy).

147.Female boyfriend? (girlfriend).

148.A child who is learning to walk? (toddler).

149.Qualification of engineering or in engineering? (in).

150.What’s the odd word : garden, hen, stag? (garden).

151.Spell the word decision?.

152.The 2nd form of : seek. (sought).

153.What’s the odd word : wrong, half, block, yacht, want? (half).

154.The film is fascinating or fascinated? ( ing).

155.Translate: great grandson? (правнук).

Супер-финал. (2участника).


1.Так случается, что у вас происходит помутнение разума , и вы хотите подвергнуть свою жизнь риску, вы можете попробовать свободное падение после обычного рабочего дня.

It happens that your mind goes blank and you want to put your life at risk, so after a typical nine to five day you can go and try free-falling.

2.Однажды нас вывезли на подводной лодке посмотреть пейзажи Красного моря. Мы видели причудливых рыбок и обломки кораблей. Потом нам разрешили надетьподводное снаряжение, и нам удалось даже поиграть с акулами.

Once we were taken out in a submarine to look at the scenes of the Red sea. We saw weird fish and wrecks. Then we were allowed to put on the scuba diving gear and we even managed to play with the sharks.

3.Сыграть в ничью . (to draw the game) .

4.Не оправдать ожиданий. (not to live up to the expectations)

5.Spell the word : negotiation.

6.---------------- circumstance.

7.Translate using phrasal verb: обсудить что-то . (to talk smth through).

8.------------------------ принять на службу. (to take sub on)

9. Give 3 forms of the verbs : Shrink-shrank-shrunk.

10. ------------------------------ sow-sowed sown\sowed.

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