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Урок английского языка на тему "Sport in Our Life"

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Form: 8

Theme:Sport in our life.

Aims: 1. to develop communicative activity of the pupils;

2. to teach the pupils to speak about “sport in their life”

3. to teach the pupils to share their opinions;

4. to develop pupils’ skills in reading, writing and speaking

The course of the lesson

I. Organization moment.Aims of the lesson.

- Good morning, boys and girls. I`m so glad to see you today.Let’s begin our lesson.

- What date is it today? (It is the 5th of October).

- What day of the week is it today? (It is Saturday.)

- Today we are going to talk about …

- Let`s look at the blackboard and try to make the topic of our lesson today. It’s a proverb.

These words are:

Body, a sound, in, a sound, mind

A sound mind in a sound body

- Today we`re going to read, speak and write about different kinds of sport and sport clothes. We will do a lot of tasks and exercises, so you should be very attentively.

-What does it mean “Sport”? It’s a healthy way of life.

II. Warm-up

- As we said, the theme of our lesson is “Sport” (printed word)



Types of sport places clothes


Swimming stadium

Ice hockey skating rink

Athletics pool/lake

Roller-skating river

Figure skating mountains

Cycling streets

skiing forest

Tennis fields

Water skiing sport ground

football court

Surfing gym

  • Let’s remember some types of sport (look at the screen, name the sport, and then pronounce in a chorus) slide2

On your cards you shouldconnect sports and places (pair work)


Swimming stadium

Ice hockey skating rink (каток)

Athletics pool

Roller-skating river

Figure skating (фигурноекатание) mountains

Cycling court


Tennis lake

Water skiing sport ground

basketball gym

  • Answer for the quick questions:

  1. What kinds of sports are popular in Kazakhstan?

  2. Are you against or for sports?

  3. Do you prefer going in for sports or watching it on TV?

  4. Is sport a part of our everyday life?

  5. What is your favorite kind of sport?

III. Presentation of new words “Sport clothes”

  • If you want to go for sport you need some special clothes. So, let’s write down new words.

Boxing glovesP:\Рабочий стол\21981_0_0_7012.jpg

  • Pattern reading;

  • Read in chorus, then individually.

IV.Fixation of the lexical material

Sports. Complete the sentences.

1.Andy is a great tennis player.

2. If you want to go surfing, you’ll need a w_ _ _ _ _ _.

3. In the winter I always train in a t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

4. Tony wears g_ _ _ _ _ _.

5. Can I wear your b_ _ _ _? Your feet are the same size as mine.

6. It’s important to wear warm s_ _ _ _ when you go walking in winter.

7. Lisa can’t go swimming because she hasn’t got her s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ with her.

8. I usually wear s_ _ _ _ _ for football practice because I get too hot in a tracksuits.

V. Physical training

- Let’s have a rest! Look at the screen and follow the ball. (for eyes)hello_html_m58ac0ac9.gif

VI. Development of audition skills (individual skills)

  • You should listen to the conversation with 5 people. What do they decide to do? Tick (X) the right answer: A, B, C.

After work, they exchange theirs copybooks and check the correct answers.

VII. Work with a text book. Check up the home task

  • You should divide into 3 groups and work with a text “Sport in Kazakhstan and in my life”. It was your hometask.

  1. Ex. 1, p.22 – answer the questions;

  2. Ex. 2 ,p. 22 complete the sentences (1-5)

  3. Ex. 2, p.22 – complete the sentences (6-10)

  • You should also evaluate the work of each student, and every student should evaluate himself.

VIII. Conclusion.

- So, children, our lesson is going to an end, I think that it was a very useful lesson for you and for me. We have understood that sport is very important in our life. But let’s sum up; answer the main question of our lesson: What does sport help people to do? One sentence from the group.

Pupil 1.Group 1. Sport helps to be strong.

Pupil 5.Group 2. Sport helps to be healthy and wealthy.

Pupil 10.Group 3. Sport helps to be in a good shape.

-Your homework will be: to write the composition “Sport in my life” and be able retell it.

Reflection: Are you reach your aims?

(Оцените свою работу на уроке: рефлексия «Все в твоих руках» - ребята рисуют свою ладонь и закрашиваю один палец, оценивая себя на уроке)

Evaluating: you work very hard and I get you following marks…..

because I get too hot in a tracksuits.

Краткое описание документа:

Уважаемые коллеги. Представляю вам разработку урока английского языка на тему "Sport in Our Life" для учащихся 8 класса. Данный урок будет полезен молодым специалистам. Можно использовать и как дополнительный материал к теме "Хобби". Урок направлен не только на закрепление лексико-грамматического материала, но и развитие и формирование диалогической и монологической речи учащихся. Используются разные формы работы, аудирование. По желанию учителя урок можно дополнить презентацией. Цель урока: совершенствовать навыки говорения по теме "Спорт".        



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