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Урок английского языка в 9 классе по Биболетовой

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Municipal budget educational institution Muslyumovsky Lyceum Muslyumovsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Flow chart of English lessons in the 9th form.

Teacher: Nureyeva Liliya Linarovna English teacher first qualifying category.

Theme of the lesson

Human rights. Be tolerant and you will prevent conflicts.


1. Develop the skills of communicative competence kinds of speech activities :

1. Speech on the basis of an unprepared dialogue - the exchange of information .

2 . Listening to the material and videos audiotext . Use different types of control listening : answer questions , multiple choice and fill gaps text missing information .

3 . Reading text with a full understanding of the content read.

4 . Letters in the form of abstracts summarizing .

2 . To acquaint students with some cross-cultural concepts, such as " United Nations" , "General Assembly" , to expand their horizons.

3 . Promote tolerance education , political literacy in their daily lives


1. Development of skills using multi-media.

2. The inclusion of new knowledge in the material studied using PLEYSMET CONSENSUS

3. Ability to independently assess their knowledge and apply it in real-life situations.

basic concepts

"The United Nations", "the General Assembly", "Declaration of Human Rights."


- basic

- more

MZ Biboletova, EE Babushis Grade 9, EMC «EnjoyEnglish»

Multimedia projector, screen, individual cards, drawing paper, markers

organization of space

Front work, work in pairs, group work, individual work

phase of the lesson

teacher activity

student activities

Assignments for students, which will lead to the achievement of planned results

I. To self-determination activities

The purpose

Inclusion of children in the activity of student-significant level.

2 min

Motivates students to work.

Welcome teachers. Welcome partner in the face and shoulder.

Together, together, together every day.

Together, together we work and play.

Welcome the partner in the face, shoulder, wish my team good lesson.

II. Updated knowledge

The purpose

Repetition of learned material needed for the "discovery of new knowledge" with


5 min

Instructs students.

1.Kazhdy student writes three statements read out 2.Ucheniki approval team members.

3. Teams discuss approval and come to a consensus 4. Teams guess and celebrate

slide 1,2


Learning tasks

The purpose

Students used to practice new lexical material relating to "HumanRights", repeat the methods of word "adjective-noun", "verb-noun".

10 min

Organizes the textbook: answer questions, check homework

Listening, the introduction of new words


Exercise 93 page 131

Exercise 94 page 131

Answer questions, check how you coped with homework

slide 3

And now let's listen and repeat new words, translate them into Russian

slide 4

IV" Discovery" of new knowledge students

Independent work on cards

The purpose

Develop psychological characteristics of students' mental activity, including attention, memory, logical thinking, linguistic guess.

THINK-WRITE-Round Robbin

10 min

Handing out cards with tests

Instructs students.

Organize the work of students

1. Perform Exercise 95 page 131

listen to audio recording and mark the correct answers

2. Exercise 96 page 131

1. The student thinks

2 Trainee writes its response

3 Discuss the answers in the team

You will receive a card with tasks for each phase of the lesson, at the end of the lesson you will be able to calculate the correct answers and put myself assessment for the lesson on the number of points.

Let's listen to the audio recording and mark the correct answers.

slide 5

Now read the text and fill releases words, the data in the table. Discuss your answers in the team

slide 6

V. View Video "Human Rights"

The purpose

Promote interest and motivation to learn a foreign language. Check assimilation of knowledge

4 min

Students watch the video and remember all of the earlier human rights

Answer questions after watching the video

Let's see the video and remember all the human rights listed in the Declaration, to answer questions.

slide 7

VI. working with text in pairs, the addition of new (their) knowledge

The purpose

Reading text with a full understanding of the content read.

5 min

Specifies the problematic issue

1. Exercise 105 134 pages read and translate the text

2 Find the right word and substituted into tekstna form responses

Let's work with text, read and translate it (The answer to this question.)

slide 8

VII. Incorporation of new knowledge in knowledge and repetition

The purpose

inclusion of a new

knowledge in the material studied using PLEYSMET CONSENSUS

5 min

Instructs students.

1. each team sketched plate for answers

2 the teacher asks the team topic (What I Learned on Human Rights)

3 Team members are responsible both for its part leaf, write their answers in the allotted time

4.Pervy party calls one of the points which he recorded,

5 Other team members komentiruyut his idea

6. If team members agree on the importance of the said paragraph, the first participant writes idea in the center of the leaf

7. actions are repeated in a circle

And now it's time to take stock of what you learned in class, \ please write a few sentences about what you learned about human rights

slide 9

VIII. reflection

The purpose

Ability to independently assess their knowledge and apply it in real-life situations

2 min

Explains the meaning of cards for self-evaluation


Please count your score, give yourself assessment

IX. Homework

1 min

Explains homework

Record homework

slide 10

X Subtotal lesson

1 min

Sums up the lesson

-What did you learn today?

- What did you like in the classroom?

Краткое описание документа:

Урок английского языка с использованием Сингапурских структур обучения. Тема урока "Декларация прав человека. Толерантность." Развитие таких навыков и качеств у учащихся как: умение работать в парах, команде и навыков сотрудничества. Коспект урока дает возможность рационально использовать время на уроке, разъясняет пошагово каждый этап работы на уроке, а также помогает учителю отслеживать результат работы учащихся. Данные типы уроков с применением сингапурских структур хороши на любом этапе изучения материала. Они делают процесс обучения живым, увлекательным и запоминающимся.

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