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Урок на тему " Советы Доктора"

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Внеклассное мероприятие -


Цель- осознание значения здорового образа жизни на уроках английского

языка, средствами английского языка сформировать понимание

значимости здоровья человека, осознание того ,что здоровье понятие многогранное и объемное, включающее физическое, психическое, нравственное и социальное здоровье, привести подростков к выводу о том, что многие факторы и образ жизни в том числе, влияют на здоровье человека и на качество его жизни.

Оборудование - в классе развешаны плакаты с пословицами и поговорками, картинки и проекты учащихся на тему : «Здоровый образ жизни».

Ход мероприятия

I.Ведущие приветствуют гостей и учащихся

1.Поговорки и пословицы –презентация( приложение 1)

2.Стихи и литературный перевод учащихся

II.Что причиняет вред нашему здоровью

1.Смертные грехи

2.Нездоровая еда – фильм (приложение 2)

3.Современные грехи здоровья

4.Курение – эпизод из фильма

5.Дискуссия о вреде курения

6.Диалог – «Размышления подростков»


III.Как стать здоровым?

1.Здоровое питание

2.Роль витаминов в питании

3.Спорт – здоровый образ жизни-(приложение 3)


1.Подведение итогов

Ведущие - We are glad to meet you our guests and children!

We are here to discuss our main topic “Healthy living guide”

What factors influence our health, what must we do to be healthy.

What spheres of human life does wellness deal with? What is wellness

in our understanding ?We shall try to answer these questions today.

We shall tell you many proverbs and sayings about health. Our 9-th formers

Will recite their own poems and their literary translations. We shall watch some films and discuss them. If I am not mistaken, we shall know some new facts about

our life , we shall do an interesting stress-test, at last we shall become healthy.

Now we shall start with proverbs and sayings about health.

  1. Now friends , what proverbs and sayings do you know .

  2. Let us look at this presentation. (Приложение № 1)

  3. Our classmates will recite the interesting poem and their own

literary translations.

If there is right in the soul Если у человека на душе светло

There's beauty in the person To и живется ему легко

If there's beauty in the person В семье у него живут все дружно

There will be harmony at home Все правильно ведь так и нужно

If there will be harmony at home Люди друг друга уважают

There will be order in the nation И никогда не обижают

If there will be order in the nation Так и нужно всем жить

There will be peace in the world. И будет порядок в стране

И всегда вечный мир на Земле.

Если чиста и прекрасна душа,

То в человеке внутри красота,

Если внутри красота и свобода,

То лучезарна гармония свода,

Если на небе тепло и спокойно,

В нации будет порядок и вольно,

Если же ты, есть покой на земле,

Мир будет главным всегда и везде!

Пусть будет жизнь твоя светла,

И на душе всегда весна.

С тобою в дом прибудет доброта,

И станет красивей земля.

Пусть на лицах всех людей

Улыбка будет до ушей.

Иди вперед и не робей,

Тогда ты станешь красивей!

MODERN SINS (учащиеся показывают свои творческие работы и комментируют представленные темы)

There are, however, modern health sins which are in fact far more deadly.Two of them – obesity and physical inactivity are known from ancient times.They are joined by modern bad habits: smoking , drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, and the “surprising danger”of sleeping too much or too little,eating between meals and skipping breakfast. In combination, these poor health habits

could double the chance of dying or lead to different diseases . Of course sleeping too much or too little ,snacking and skipping breakfast are not quite as deadly as smoking , obesity and drinking. But they are indicative of dangerously chaotic lifestyles.

  1. Now dear guests we shall watch the short film ’’Unhealthy food’’

After that we shall discuss it.(Приложение № 2)

Bad habits make you unhealthy

If we eat too much sweets,cakes,high fat food, constantly snack, do not get enough vitamins and minerals we shall become obese, and obesity leads to serious diseases. A lot of people like drinking Coca-Cola and coffee and enjoy pizzas and hamburges.But what is tasty is not always healthy. Fast food makes you fat and unhealthy, that is why the Americans are the fattest people in the world.

Snacks are very popular in Britain, and many people often eat snacks between meals. Schools may also sell snacks, such as crisps, chocolate, sweets and biscuits.

To live in the unhealthy climate is also the great problem .Pollution is a very important problem for us and our city government.

5.Let us discuss another bad habits–especially smoking.

Why smoking is so dangerous?

The reasons of smoking?

How to solve this problem?

What advice can you give to smokers.

We can’t stop producing tobacco goods.Why?

People nowadays are more health – conscious than they used to be. They understand that good health is above wealth. To be healthy we should avoid

different bad habits that can affect our health. In my opinion , smoking and

drinking alcohol are the worst ones. It is common knowledge that smoking

and drinking alcohol can shorten our lives dramatically. Smoking, for example,

causes a number of heart and lung diseases such as pneumonia, cough and cancer

of lungs. Besides, it makes your teeth yellow and skin unhealthy.

The teens start smoking not because they like but they want to look more grown-up. They feel that it makes them more independent, many girls smoke because it is more like fashion. Many of them have some problems in their families. There is too much ads of cigarettes. Too many people smoke and they all can’t stop it(not in one day). Tobacco industry gives the government much money in taxes. Tobacco companies try to improve their image by sponsoring or giving charity. We can’t make a law against smoking.

We can give advice to a smoker who has made up his mind to give up smoking :to find a hobby, to go in for sport, try to make new friends who don’t smoke, to take a lollipop every time you want to smoke, you must have a strong will.

It is necessary to launch a campaign against children smoking. Parents and teachers must fight against it together. Cigarette advertising should be banned. ’’No smoking’’ sign must be put on the porch of the school .Much can be done by explaining to the children that they ruin health by smoking.

Obesity brings people a lot of harm. Being overweight is a widespread disease.

Many recommendations are given to help people to control their weight. One of them is to understand a difference between real hunger and other factors.

Fat is thought to be the cause of disease.

Taking drugs is the most dangerous habit. It causes serious diseases such as blood

disease , heart disease, brain disease, slow reactions, loss of memory and a headache. It makes our speech unclear and brain centres sleep. Bad habits affect

the whole family, people around us, our social controls. We should put into prison

for drugs, sack from school for smoking and take money for smoking in social places.

In recent years smoking has received a lot of bad publicity all over the world. Many companies have banned smoking in the offices, canteens, cinemas, Underground. There are special carriages on trains. Cigarette advertising is banned on television and radio.

  1. Let us listen to the dialogue between teenagers.

-Do you think it’s necessary to take care of your health?

- Certainly! The healthier we are ,the better we feel and first of all , we should try to eat healthy food.

- What? Dieting? Never!

-Not at all! But we try to eat low fat food and high fibre food.

-What do you mean?

-We must eat fruit and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and less suger. Chocolate, butter, sandwiches and drink Cola.

-As for me I like fast food. On Sundays we often go to McDonalds. I enjoy everything there: cheeseburgers, hamburgers, Big Macs, apple pies and Cola.

-Doctors say that it’s not healthy to eat there. Chips and hamburgers are fattening,

Cola spoils our teeth and coffee shortens our life. It’s much healthier to enjoy

a home-cooked dinner.

-What do you usually have for dinner?

-To begin with , I usually have some vegetable salad, for the first course I have some soup- noodle, mushroom or cabbage soup.

-Are you vegetarian?

- No, I am not .I think meat is an excellent source of good nutrition.

-And what do you eat at school?

-I always go to the canteen and have lunch. Regular meals are very important for our health.

-You look great! I think you have no problems with your health, have you?

-No, I haven’t. It’s very important to be fit and to look nice. That’s why I pay a lot of attention to my health.

  1. It’s interesting to know about stress. It’s considered to be dangerous.


Living with stress is our big problem too. Stress is everywhere in our daily life.

It is not just men who suffer from it , but women and young people too.

The main causes of stress are: death ,divorce, marriage, money, moving to another

house, changing jobs, ending relationships and taking exams. Do you know how to avoid stress ? To avoid stress we should have good habits in our life. Bad habits are usually causes stress. Doing yoga or exercises, chewing gum or playing are

common ways of relieving stress. But doctors advice is that we should laugh and

smile more often .When we laugh your body relaxes. Crying is also the good way of releasing.

  1. Now let us listen to advice about healthy food.


It is not a secret that the first wealth is health.

In order to stay healthy it is important to have a balanced

Diet – in other words food must contain three main groups of food. These groups are protein , fat and carbohydrates. You can find protein in lots of food, for example meat, fish, nuts, cheese, milk. It helps your body to grow and be healthy

and it gives you energy. Fat gives you energy but do not eat it a lot – it is bad for you. There a lot of fatty foods that come from animals, for example milk, cheese, butter and meat. Carbohydrates give you more than 70% of your energy.

Bread , pasta, cereals, fruit, vegetables such as potatoes and cabbage all contain

many carbohydrates.

Fruits , vegetables, beans, nuts, brown bread all have fibre. It does not give you

energy but it fills you stomach when you are hungry. There many different vitamins and minerals. They help your body to be healthy. You can get all your vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables.

  1. It is very important to get enough vitamins from your food.

Milk is good for your bones because it is rich in vitamins A and D, and minerals- such as calcium. We must often drink milk. Milk is reputed to strengthen your bones, nails, hair and tooth. Eating whole meal bread is said to be useful. Fresh fruit and vegetables have much fibre. It is known to be the main source of energy because it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Carrots are said to prevent the development of cancer. Garlic is tend to prevent heart disease. Onion is suppoused to be good for your nerves. Apricot is good for your skin. Cranberry helps soothe your tired eyes.

  1. Everybody knows that sport is the main source of our health.

Let us look the presentation. (Приложение № 3)

Physical health is a condition of your body that’s why we go in for sport or take regular exercises. Sport is considered to be our good friend. We must walk a lot and breathe fresh air, play sport games, swim and ride a bicycle in summer. We have to take an active part in sport in winter to keep fit and healthy. It’s useful to do aerobics or sport dance and to visit sauna in winter. It’s nice to skate or ski in the forest in winter.

  1. Now let us come to the conclusion – what is wellness in your understanding?

Wellness – the particular way to live and to be happy

  • Freedom from disease

  • Healthy living guide

  • Keeping life in balance

  • Having balanced diet

  • Absence of bad habits

  • Financial independence

-Sport, healthy food and absence of bad habits help us to be healthy.


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