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Лицензия на осуществление образовательной деятельности №038767 выдана 26 сентября 2017 г. Департаменотом образования города Москвы

Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыУрок по теме "Youth Fashion" (9 класс)

Урок по теме "Youth Fashion" (9 класс)

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов Рекордно низкий оргвзнос 25 Р. 16 предметов Узнать подробнее

Урок Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Министерство образования и молодежной политики Чувашской Республики

Чувашский республиканский институт образования


« Youth Fashion»

( 9 класс)

Разработан учителем английского языка МОУ «Норваш Шигалинская СОШ» Батыревского района ЧР

Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной.

Чебоксары - 2010

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Цель: Развитие навыков говорения по теме “Fashion


  • Обучающая: закрепление лексического и грамматического материала по теме урока, тренировка коммуникативных навыков, умение вести беседу по теме, развитие языковой интуиции.

  • Развивающая: развитие умений выражать свои мысли по теме, поддерживать беседу и диалог.

Воспитательная: воспитание чувства прекрасного, знаний этикета, уважение друг к другу.

Оснащение урока: компьютер, интерактивная доска, диск с презентацией, диск с текстом для аудирования, куклы с предметами одежды, карточки с грамматическими заданиями.

T.: The theme of our lesson is « Youth Fashion». “Clothes make the man” people say. They make up their minds about you when they look at your clothes. And it is so difficult to change their first opinion. How should we choose the clothes? What should we wear in this or that situation? We’ll find the answers at today’s lesson.

T.: I believe you know one of the most famous designers of the world Valentin Yudashkin ( See Appendix 1). He would like his work to be continued by the future generation & take talented young people to his team. To join his work you must solve some of his problems.

To begin with let’s divide into 2 groups & think about the names of the teams. Each team will get a lovely doll in a swimming costume. The winner of each step is allowed to put one piece of clothes on his doll. At the end of the lesson we’ll see whose doll is dressed better.

  1. Warming-up

1) So, the first problem – match the words with suitable expressions. The famous designer wants to learn how quick witted you are

  • 1) fancy clothes

  • 2) casual clothes

  • 3) suitable

  • 4) bargain

  • 5) original

  • 6) fashionable

  • 7) in the sales

  • 8 )to stand out

  • 9) the last word in fashion

  • a) expensive & elegant clothes

  • b) the latest fashion

  • c) something unusual

  • d) something you buy really cheaply

  • e) something that’s OK for the situation

  • f) when shops reduce their prices

  • g) comfortable clothes that you wear in informal situation

  • h) clothes made by designers and worn by most people

  • i) to look different (more fashionable than others)

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

2) Yudashkin wants to know if you have any imagination about fashion & ask you questions. (How sociable you are?)

1. What is fashion?

2. Do you care about fashion?

3. Do you often go shopping? Can you say that you are a shopaholic?

4. Are you a fashionable girl?

5. What are the secrets of being attractive?

6 A lot of teenagers dress in order to be a part of a group. They choose a hairstyle to fit an image. What youth groups do you know?

7. What do hippies wear?

8. What clothes make the image of goths?

9. What do punks wear?

10. What is usual clothe for emo?

11. How do you choose the clothes?

12.What do you prefer to wear?

  1. Listening

One of the most important features for the future designer is listening skills. Let’s show him that we have “good” ears.

Should you always follow fashion?”( See Appendix 2)

appearance – внешность

personality - личность
be aware of –
crazy -
current –
настоящий, текущий
mood –
reflect –
should –
suggest –

1. What is Richie’s job?

2. Where does he work?

3. What should you be aware of when you choose a colour?

4. What colour should you wear to make you more cheerful?

5. What does he say to his clients?

  1. A song “Glamorous Dresses” ( melody of the Russian song “ А кто-то лишний» ( See Appendix 3) ( Are you a good singer?)

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

IV. Developing speaking skills

1) Yudashkin will demonstrate you some of his favourite collections. Your task is to choose the clothes suitable for this or that situation & explain your choice.

1.What would you like to choose for going to school?

2. What would you choose for school leavers’ party?

3. What would you choose for camping?

4.What would you like to choose for disco?

( See Appendix 4)

2) Let’s make a story.( See Appendix 5).


Мастер-класс по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Мастер-класс по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

V. A game “In my suitcase I’ve got a pair of jeans

Which team can name more?

VI. Developing grammar skills.

( See Appendix 6)

Nowadays It is impossible to become a successful employer without being grammatical”, thinks the famous modeller.

Change the sentences from direct into reported speech

(Используется интерактивная доска)

  1. V.Yudashkin: “ Appearance and personality are both important in a person”

  2. V. Zaidtzev believes: “ Everyone should have his own style and not follow current fashion too strictly”

  3. Shop assistant: “What colour would you like?”

  4. Customer ( to a shop assistant): “Can I try this fancy dress on?”

  5. Customer:” Do you have this dress in blue as well?”

  6. Jane ( to her girl-friend): “ You look so smart. Where have you bought the blouse?”

  7. Angela: “ Bring me all the size 8 red dresses you have in the shop”.

VII. The end of the lesson.

So, we’ve just come to the end of the lesson. Now let’s see whose doll is completely dressed

& who will join Yudashkin’s company..

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Appendix 1.

Valentin Yudashkin


Appendix 2.

1.Glamorous dresses and colourful blouses,

Jackets that go with a skirt or with trousers,

Sandals and high heels and tight flared jeans

These are my favourite, favourite things

Refrain: Clothes will come in, clothes will go out,

Clothes will change with time.

just let me wear what I feel good about,

And then I’ll be doing just fine.

2. Big, baggy T-shirts and warm, comfy sweaters,

Trainers and raincoats and waterproof jackets,

Caps and a rucksack, and some old worn jeans,

Just let me stay in my favourite things.

3. A Burberry coat and a shirt from Cerutti

Calvin Klein bag and sunglasses from Gussi,

Elegant trousers and stylish blue jeans

Don’t laugh at me, I’m in love with these things.

Appendix 3.

Should you always follow fashion?

Richie works as a fashion designer in Milan in Italy. He loves clothes and fshion. He says that appearance and personality are both important in a person. He thinks that you should wear what you want as long as you look interesting or smart or beautiful – or even crazy! But you should never look boring.

He also says that when you choose colours you should be aware of your mood and the weather. For example, when you are in a bad mood or if it is a cloudy day, he suggests wearing bright colours – like orange, red, yellow or green – to make you more cheerful.

Richie believes that you should have your own style and not follow current fashion too strictly. He says to his clients, “ Your clothes should always suit your figure and reflect your personality.

Appendix 4.

For going to school I’d like to choose a dark costume with a white blouse & a black tie. I would feel more comfortable in them. To my mind it is both fashionable and practical. This school uniform has a lot of advantages. For example: you can wear the uniform without a costume, you can change a blouse or a tie. I think that this school uniform influences on student’s behaviour. It organizes & disciplines. It makes us more serious.

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Appendix 5.

1. What is fashion? Clothes made by designers & worn by majority are considered to be a fashion. Very often fashionable clothes are elegant, glamorous & fancy. But sometimes it is so ridiculous to look at the persons who do their best to follow it, thinking that fashionable clothes are sure to be beautiful. Others, on the contrary, believe that suitability is the principle to be followed if you want to be well dressed. As for me I intend to take the second point of view. I care not so much about fashion. I prefer casual clothes, I feel more comfortable in them. Perhaps it is because I don’t like to stand out. My hobby is buying things in the sales. Most of my clothes come from discount stores that sell designer clothes, so they don’t cost that much. But still I like to wear beautiful things that are suitable. I wear the things I like with pleasure even if it is a little out of fashion.

2. When we speak about fashion I imagine slim pretty girls going along a podium. My friend dreams about modeling. She is mad about fashion. She follows all the fashion magazines, TV and radioprogrammes. And she herself looks like a girl from a modern magazine. With blonde hair, long-legged, dressed the latest things and always with an irresistible smile on her face. Looking round the shops is her favourite pastime. She can shop till she drops. She says that it cheers her up, while it bores me to death. Her favourite things are glamorous dresses and colourful blouses, tight trousers, high heels and shoes made of patent leather. All the things emphasize the beauty of her figure. If I say to her that it is ridiculous to care about clothes so much she responds: “A book on etiquette reads “The first impression that we make upon others depends entirely on what we wear & how we wear it.” But I know a clever man will never judge a book by its cover”

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Appendix 6.

Перевод прямой речи в косвенную.

- Перевод утверждений.

A famous designer says to his clients, “ Your clothes should always suit your figure and reflect your personality” –

A famous designer says to his clients that their clothes should always suit their figure and reflect their personality.

Перевод просьб и приказаний.

-The teacher says to the pupil, “Speak louder, please.” - The teacher asks the pupil to speak louder.

  • Mother says to her daughter, “ Don’t wear such tight jeans to school.” – Mother tells her daughter not to wear such tight jeans to school.

  • Перевод вопросительных предложений.

Jane asks a shop assistant, ”Does it match my skirt?”- Jane asks a shop assistant if it matches her skirt.

her Susan asks (her friend), “ How much did you pay for such a glamorous dress?”- Susan asks friend how much she paid for such a glamorous dress?”

Урок по теме “Youth Fashion” . Разработан Митрофановой Татьяной Васильевной

Appendix 7.

The doll of the team “Clothes make the man”. It is completely dressed.


The doll of the team “Elegance”. It didn’t get its favourite beads.


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 Данный урок рассчитан для обучающихся 9 класса.Разработан на основе УМК  К.Кауфман, М.Кауфман “HappyEnglish.ru” . Цель данного урока - развитие навыков говорения по теме "Молодёжная мода". Параллельно тренируется косвенная речь, а именно преобразование косвенной речи в прямую речь. Главный герой урока - знаменитый модельер Валентин Юдашкин. Он предлагает различные проблемы для решения, которые преодолеваются учащимися двух команд  Elegance” и “Clothes make the man”.  



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