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Урок в форматеCELTA по теме

  • Иностранные языки

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Lesson stage/

Time interaction



Advisor’s Comments

1warm –up 3 min


1 lead in T-S1-S2 3-5 min.


2 Pre- listening T-S1-SS2/3

3-5 min

3listening for gist T-S1-S2/S3-S4 3-5 min

4pre-reading S1-S2/S3-S4 3-5 min

5 reading for gist

6 Speaking 5-7min-s2/mingling activityS1-S2-S3

7 Watching authentic videos

5-7min S1-S2/S3-S4

6SPEAKING practicing(freer discussion)

S-S -5-7min


To develop enthusiasm ,to revise voc from the unit

To engage SS in the topic of the lesson.

To prepare SS to listen to the text for gist To elicit vocabulary.

To practice listening for gist/

To practice listening for details

to elicit vocabulary

To practice reading for gist

To develop SS speaking skills

To warm up the SS interest

To personalize the ideas

Bingo game SS fill in the bingo cards with voc .from the last lesson/cross them out when it is named.(the topic is festivals)

T.”Doyoy like festivals?Why/S1-food

Do you like food centered festivals? What is you favorite one?Why?discuss in pairs/feed back S1 aboutS2

T gives SS flash cards with words connected with the topic eg. turkey, stuffed, and some odd ones eg.hot cross buns/they should guess a festival and cross out the odd words

SS watch an extract from “Friends Thanksgiving movies ” /they should fill in the table with5 “wh’ questions”(The table consists of 5 columns which should be filled up to to the end of the lesson)SS discuss in pairs/feed back from the class

PPP 8 slides with voc.which is necessary for understanding of the text/SS try

to elicit them T. CCQs)

SS are given only a part of the big text he/she should

fll in the table(after the second reading they make a brief summary and tells it to his partner/they make notes into the table


Ss go into the center of the class and find ss with3 more text/S1 tells his summary and makes notes on the base of 4 other texts/feed back fromS1 aboutS2-4 texts

T.”would you like to witness the festivals /find as many differences with the texts as you can/discuss in pairs/discuss with a partner using notes/

SSare given points for discussion

5pointsWhat festival would you like to visit and why?

What Russian food centered festival do you know

SS discuss their ideas and fill in the last coloumn

feed back from pairs/S1speaks about S2(changes the partner)

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