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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Уроки английского языка план на тему “Hello Kip! Good dog!” (1 класс)

Уроки английского языка план на тему “Hello Kip! Good dog!” (1 класс)

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Date: The ____ of November

Form: 1

Theme of the lesson: “Hello Kip! Good dog!”

The aims of the lesson:

  1. Educational: to introduce new words, describe new lesson and work with


  1. Developing: to develop the pupil’s spoken and listening fluency, to develop

pupil’s creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading

and writing skills.

  1. Bringing – up: to bring up interest to the subject to respect each other, to

create an English atmosphere in the classroom.

The type of the lesson: new lesson

Methods of teaching: practical, work with book, training

The equipment of the lesson: cards, pictures, games

Inter – subject connection: Kazakh

The outline of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment; (2 minutes)

  2. Phonetic drills; (5 minutes)

  3. The presentation of the new theme; (15minutes)

  4. Control of understanding; (12 minutes)

  5. The end of the lesson. (1 minute)

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greetings:

  • Good morning pupils!

  • Good morning teacher!

  • How are you?

  • We are fine, thank you! And you?

  • I am fine, thank you! Sit down, please.

II. Phonetic drills:

  • Look at the pictures, please. What can you see? Please, tell me about these pictures.

  • ……………………………………….

  • Very good. The peoples are greeting. And how we greet in Kazakh? Who knows?

  • …………………………………………….

  • It is right. In English it translates “Hello”. Repeat after me “Hello!”

  • And look at this picture. What is it?

  • ……………………

  • Yes, it is a dog. Repeat after me “dog”

  • Now, our new theme is “Hello Kip! Good dog!” Write down please!

New words:

Hello – сәлем

Good – жақсы

Dog – ит

Banana - банан

  1. The presentation of the new theme:

Exercise 1. Page 28 Listen and follow.

  • Hello, Kip!

  • Oh, hello.

  • Good dog!

  • What’s in your lunch box, Jess?

  • A sandwich, a drink, two cakes and two bananas.

  • Bananas are nice. They’re my favorite!

  • Here you are.

  • Thanks!

  • Where’s my lunch box?

  • Kip! Kip! Stop!


Numbers: 1 – one

2 - two

  1. Control of understanding:

  1. ABC

  2. Кіші әріптерді дұрыс орналастыр:















  1. Aғылшын тіліндегі сөздерді қазақ тіліне аудар:

Hello –

Good –

Dog –

Banana –

  1. The end of the lesson. (1 minute)

  • Our lesson is over. Good bye, pupils!

  • Good bye, teacher!

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