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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Уроки по английскому языку на тему "London is a capital of Great Britain."

Уроки по английскому языку на тему "London is a capital of Great Britain."


Видеоуроки от проекта "Инфоурок" за Вас изложат любую тему Вашим ученикам, избавив от необходимости искать оптимальные пути для объяснения новых тем или закрепления пройденных. Видеоуроки озвучены профессиональным мужским голосом. При этом во всех видеоуроках используется принцип "без учителя в кадре", поэтому видеоуроки не будут ассоциироваться у учеников с другим учителем, и благодарить за качественную и понятную подачу нового материала они будут только Вас!

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Grade 5 A

Theme of the lesson: London is a capital of Great Britain.

Aims of the lesson: to introduce new lexical material on themes: countries and teach to pronounce them correctly

to educate pupils to be friendly

to develop pupils’ skills of thinking and memorizing

Method of the lesson: answering the questions

Type of the lesson: mixed

Materials for the lesson: pictures, a grammar table

The procedure of the lesson

Teacher’ activity

Pupil’s activity

1. Organization moment.

Good morning, boys and girls!

I’m glad to see you at our lesson today too.

Sit down and get ready for the lesson!

Let’s start now!

As you know today we are going to speak about the UK and London, about their sights. You’ll listen, speak, read texts, work with the map of London and in groups, discuss.

Be attentive and diligent, will you?

Good morning! Good morning!

Good morning to you!

Good morning! Good morning!

I’m glad to see you!

2. Warm up

What’s the date today?

What day is it today?

What month is it now?

Is it spring or summer now?

What’s the weather like today?

Do you like such weather?

Who is absent today?

Well done!

Open your exercise books and write down the date and the topic of our lesson

«London is a capital of Great Britain» (слайд 1)

London…What is London?(слайд 2)

You’re right! London is a very old, big and beautiful city. It is the capital of the UK and England.

What do you know about the UK? give us some information, please. (Map London)

What is the official language of Great Britain and the UK?

Thank you, go to your place!

Besides London is one of the greatest cities in the world with lots of beautiful sights.

What sights can you visit in London?

Well done!

Look at the blackboard. What do you see?

Today is the 10th of April.




It is cool (sunny, warm, cold, rainy…) today

Yes, I do (No, I don’t)

is (are) absent today


Thursday, the 10th of April.

London is a capital of Great Britain.

London is the capital of the UK and England (a big city, an old city, a beautiful city…)

Aruzhan: Look at the map! The United Kingdom of Great Britain includes Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, and Wales.

London is the capital of the UK and England. The national symbol of England is a red rose.


Big Ben, Westminster Abbey…

The map of London (слайд 3).

3. Excursion to London

In our lesson today we have guests. Let me introduce our guests: Magzhan, Ademai, Rakhman and Anel. They are from London and they are going to tell us about London’s sights.

Listen to them carefully!

Thank you very much! Was it very interesting? Go to your place.

Look at the blackboard, please! I want to add some facts about London’s sights.

Do you know that…? (слайд 4)

1. Big Ben is named after Sir Benjamin Hall.

2. When Parliament is in session a light shines above the clock face.

3. When the Queen is in London her official residence is Buckingham Palace.

4. When the flag is flying on the top she is at home.

5. London Eye is the highest wheel in the world.

Thanks, sit down! Good for you!


I can see you are tired. It’s time to have a rest now. Stand up, please. Let’s do some exercises.


Eldos : Welcome to London! There are many nice squares in London. Trafalgar Square is most famous one. You can see a statue of Lord Nelson.

Let’s go further. Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace is the London home of the Queen. It was built in 1703 by the Duke of Buckingham. It is like a small town, with a police station, two post offices, a hospital, a disco, and a cinema.

Meruert: Our next stop is Westminster Abbey. It is a symbol of England. The legend says that Westminster Abbey was founded by St Peter himself. It is a very important church because the coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place here.

The Houses of Parliament is the seat of British Parliament. It consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

The famous clock Big Ben stands near the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is really a bell. You hear it every hour. It weighs about 14 tons.

Magzhan : Welcome to St Paul’s Cathedral. It was built in 1710 by Christopher Wren. It is the second large church in Europe. Admiral Nelson is buried here.

Now I want to tell you about the Tower of London. It is a very old building which has a long and cruel history. It was a fortress, a royal palace and later a prison. You can find here the White Tower and The Bloody Tower too.

The ravens are another famous sign. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall.

London is situated on the Thames. There are 17 bridges across the river. One is them is Tower Bridge. It was built in 1894.

Ansagan: From Trafalgar Square it is only a short way to Piccadilly Circus. In the centre of Piccadilly Circus there is a bronze fountain.

Tate Gallery opened in 1897 and is named after Sir Henry Tate, a sugar tycoon. He was a very rich man and collected paintings.


1. Биг Бэн сағaты Сэр Бенджамин Холдың құрметіне қойылған

2. Парламент отырған кезде сағаттың жоғарғы жағынан жарық жанып тұрады

3. Букенгем сарайы – патшайымның Лондонда болатын уақытындағы ресми резиденциясы

4. Сарайдың үстінде ту желбірейтін болса, ол пашайымның үйде екенін білдіреді.

5. Лондон көзі әлемдегі ең биік атракцион

Head and shoulders, knees and toes,

Knees and toes, knees and toes!

Head and shoulders, knees and toes,

And mouth, and ears, and eyes, and nose! (2 times)

4. Work in groups

Now I want you to work in groups of four. You’ll have to do several tasks.

1. The first task is Listening Comprehension. Look at the pictures on your tables. Name them.

Well done! Now you listen to the text about them, please. When you understand what I’ m reading about, put the correct picture up.

Is everything clear?

1) It is the famous clock which stands near the Houses of Parliament. It is a big bell. You can hear it every hour. (Big Ben)

2) This place is situated in the West End of London. Here we can find the statue of Admiral Nelson.(Trafalgar Square)

3) It is a very old building in London. It has a cruel history. It was a prison where many people died. It is a museum now. (The Tower of London)

2. The second task. You are working with the text «Tower Bridge». You must arrange the sentences about it in the right order and read the text aloud.

(2,1,3,4 or 2,3,1,4)

3. Look at your sheets of paper on your tables and write down the word combinations.

Get ready for writing, please!

Listen to the teacher. Read the tasks.

Yes, it is.

Big Ben

Trafalgar Square

The Tower of London

Tower Bridge. Arrange the sentences about it in the right order and read the text aloud.

1) It is next to the Tower of London.

2) This is Tower Bridge, built in 1894.

3) It is one of the famous bridges across the Thames [temz].

4) It opens and ships go up and down the River Thames.

3. Write down the word combinations.

Big Palace

Trafalgar Thames

Bloody London

The River Bridge

Tower Ben

Buckingham Square

Westminster Abbey

The Houses of Tower

The Tower of Parliament

6. Grammar.

  1. The structure :

to be going to :

болашаққа жоспарланған іс-әрекет

1. Read the postcard below and correct the mistakes in it

Hi Jan,

We arrived in England last week and today we’re in Bath. The hotel is very nice and we can see the whole city from our room. It is beautiful! We is go sightseeing now, but we not going buy any souvenirs. It’s so expensive here! In the afternoon I go to read my book in Victoria Park, but Patrick doesn’t like reading, so he am not go to the cinema. Tomorrow is our last day and we is going have dinner near the river. We __ going visit my friend in Torquay, because she is go move house next week and is very busy!

See you soon!

Love, Patrick and Sally XX

  1. And now discuss in pairs what you are going to do on your coming summer holidays.

Hi Jan,

We arrived in England last week and today we’re in Bath. The hotel is very nice and we can see the whole city from our room. It is beautiful! We 1) ‘re going to go sightseeing now, but we 2) ‘re not going to buy any souvenirs. It’s so expensive here! In the afternoon I 3)‘m going to read my book in Victoria Park, but Patrick doesn’t like reading, so he 4)‘s going to go to the cinema. Tomorrow is our last day and we 5) ‘re going to have dinner near the river. We

6) ‘re not going to visit my friend in Torquay, because she 7) ‘s going to move house next week and is very busy!

See you soon!

Love, Patrick and Sally XX

I am going to… I am not going to…

Listen to music Do sports

Read books Travel

Go to a camp Sleep a lot

Learn English Swim

Go for walks Go cycling

Visit friends Go camping

Help parents Go to the cinema

Go to the country Visit grandparents

7. Checking comprehension.

Well done! During our lesson you have been working very well. Now let’s revise London’s sights we’ve discussed today.

Look at the blackboard!

What’s London’s sights do you see? (слайды 5-8)

Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, Nelson’s Column

(Trafalgar Square) The Tower of London

Downing Street, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye

6. Conclusion.

Thank you very much for being very active and your good knowledge!

I’ll give … a five (four).

Now I want you to write down your home work.

Ex. 17, p. 66 (prepare for dictation)

WB ex. 22, p.33 (put the missing words from the list given below). It’s a very easy task because the text is about London.

I think that now you can say what you’d like to visit in London and name your favourite London’s sight.

Complete the following sentences (слайд 9).

The lesson is over! Bye-bye!

Home work: ex. 17, p.66 (l)

WB ex.22, p. 33 (w)

In London I’d like to visit Big Ben.

My favourite London’s sight is Trafalgar Square.


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