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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыУрок-презентация на тему "Австралия"

Урок-презентация на тему "Австралия"

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hello_html_3392756b.gifhello_html_me401577.gifhello_html_m792cd31d.gifhello_html_m2bb43901.gifhello_html_m4ce04ed7.gifhello_html_285414e1.gifhello_html_7b8ec9cc.gifhello_html_2f2b05fc.gifhello_html_m5129b85e.gifhello_html_204f5da8.gifhello_html_3c994018.gifThe theme of the lesson: “ Welcome to Australia ”

The aim of the lesson: to teach the pupils to get the main information about Australia, to develop visual and oral memory, attention and thinking, to stimulate and arouse pupils` interest in Australia and widen their scope, introduction of a new theme.

Type of the lesson: lesson-presentation.

Technical aids: an interactive board, computers.

Visual aids: pictures, slides, annomations.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.

  1. Greeting

  2. Asking the pupil`s on duty

  3. Introduction with the objectives of the lesson

  1. Presentation of Australia.

  1. The history of Australia

Captain James Cook discovered Australia in 1770. He was sent to discover the huge land that many people believed was south of the equator. He landed south of present day Sydney in New South Wales. He claimed this part of the land for the King of England.


  1. Geographical position, population and language.

Australia is the only nation that occupies a whole continent. It`s an island of 7,7 million sq.km. It is the sixth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil. It is located to the south of Asia, between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Australia has a population of about 18 million people. 70 per cent of the population live in it`s 10 largest cities. People from about 200 nations live there. The Aborigines, the Australian natives, represent about 1,5 per cent of the population. Australia`s official language is English.


  1. Cities

Canberra is the capital of Australia. Located in the Australian Capital. Territory in the southeast corner of New South Zealand. Population of Australia is about 300,000.


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria. It is the second largest city

in Australia. Olympics were hosted in 1956. Population is about 3,200,000.


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Australia`s oldest and largest city. Australia`s leading industrial city. Nearly a quarter of all Australians live here. Population is 3,700,000 and growing.


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. A pretty and industrial city. Population is about 1,100,000.


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. Tropical climate makes it a year-round vacation place. Population is about 1,400,000.


Hobart is the capital of Queensland. Tropical climate makes it a year-round vacation place. Population is about 1,400,000.


Darwin is the capital and the largest city of the Northern Territory. Tropical climate. Population is about 70,000.


Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia. It is the best climate in Australia. Population is 1,200,000.


  1. Climate

tropical temperate


su summer all the

y year round


Kazakhstan – summer

Australia – winter

  1. Sport

Australians love to play and watch sports. In 1956 the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne.

In the year 2000 Australia hosted the Olympics in Sydney.


Tennis Surfing




Swimming Hockey on the grass


  1. Fauna and flora, birds

Kangaroos stand as tall as a man and some are as

small as a cat. They live in the forests and parks.

The koala is the best loved of all Australian animals. It lives on the leaves alone. The Dingo is Australia's wild dog.  Dingos do not bark, but they do howl.


Eucalypts are flowering trees and shrubs that have spread over the whole continent. Wattle is a yellow-flowered native plant of Australia. Spinifex is a hummock grass of arid Australia, covering twenty per cent of the Australian continent. 


The emu is the most interesting bird in Australia.

It is big and can not fly. The kookaburra is another interesting bird, it can not sing, but laughs like a human. There are 55 species of parrots in Australia. They are very colourful.


  1. The coat of arm and the flag of Australia

Australia`s coat of arms – the official emblem of the Australian Government – was granted by King George V in 1912. The arms consist of a shield containing the badges of the six states. The supporters are native Australian fauna – a kangaroo and an emu. Wattle is a yellow-flowered native plant of Australia also appears in the design.

The flag of Australia is the only one flying over a whole continent. The small Union Jack represents the historical link with Britain, the large seven – pointed star represents the six States and the Territories .


  1. Consolidation of the theme.

(Pupils complete the table about Australia)



Geographical position

Southern hemisphere, 7,7 mln sq.km


18 million



Main cities

Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney


Kangaroo, koala, kookaburra


Surfing, hockey on the grass, football, tennis

  1. Hometask

Your home task is to make a presentation about Australia.

  1. Marks for the lesson.

I hope the lesson was interesting for you. I also liked the way you

worked. All pupils get excellent and good marks.

  1. Ending of the lesson.

I would like to say that nowadays Australia lives a complex modern life

in which love of the past co-exist side by side with a desire for change.

Todays Australia has a reputation for scientific innovations, for business

commerce and trade. It plays an important role in the political life of the

whole world. Thank you. Stand up. The lesson is over. I wish you good

luck!  Good bye.

Western - Kazakhstan region




Form: 8

Teacher: Khapuova A.N


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