Афанасьева Татьяна Ивановна

  • учитель английского языка
  • МБОУ "Лицей №40"
  • Россия
  • 07.09.1959

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Hello! My name is Tatyana and i live in Petrozavodsk though my native town is Tomsk and i graduated from the university there many years ago. At the moment i work as a teacher at school lyceum and i love my job. Mostly, I work with high school students and feel great responsibility for their education. Its never late to learn! And i admire to exchange experience with different teachers of all age groups! Being sociable by nature , i can easily ask and answer all the guestions which may be interesting in the course if communication. And if you suddenly share one of my hobbies..travelling and biathlon, we even can become friends!!

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