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Ашурметова Гулмира Абдурахимовна

учитель английского языка

Казахстан осш №110 им.Зиямат Хусанова

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About myself My full name is Khalmetova Dilnoza Rustamovna. I am an English teacher. I work at school. I live in Sayram. I am married. I have a family. My family consists of 7 people. They are father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law my husband, 2 children and me. I worked at school for 6 years. I like my profession. I started to study English at school when I was a pupil. So I interested in English. It is so interesting to speak and to understand foreign languages. And also I like to study Turkish language too. Sometimes I translate my uzbek poems into English. I wanted to be an interpreter at school. But it was just a dream. Then I chose this profession. When I studied at the University I met with foreigners. I learned their traditions, culture and education system in the USA. In nowadays my student studies in the USA too. I have a lot of friends who studied in the USA. I proud that I know this language very well. And also I took a part in different competitions in English which passed between teachers. So I developed my knowledge in English. I want to go and to study in Oxford University in Great Britain. It will be better if I develop my knowledge in the United Kingdom. It was so fantastic. To live and to study in the Britain it is nice dream for me. We have a big opportunities to study in foreign countries but we can’t find a way how we get to our dreams. I would be happy if my students study in foreign countries. Thats why I teach English to students in my course. They are glad that they study English and they have I am. Thats all information about myself. My rule in the life is Live and Learn forever.

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