Бердисугирова Айгерим Амзеевна

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  • "Жулдыз"балабақшасы
  • Казахстан
  • 21.03.1986

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"The British are definitely romantic, much more romantic then Italians ..." Generally British people are polite. During my first visit to London I remember seeing a man in the underground asking for information from a ticket seller. The latter didn't replay and the man said "Thank you very much", started working off, and then turned around and said "fuck you, stupid". So, for me, the British people are polite, but this way of behaviour is probably a mask for all kind of other feeling. They may be polite partly because they are afraid of drama and of confrontation. For this reason, they also may be attracted to "dramatic" people, like the Italian. I would like to research into English people (my first wife is, in her own words, "a Londoner”). In our life, I find that Clare reacts and behaves in ways which I would describe as "British", or more specially English. For the sake of simplicity I will use the word "British", although we should not, as my fife keeps on telling me, forget that the Scottish, for example (yes she has Scots blood too) are an altogether different species. More immediately expressive, direct and hot-tempered, for example, then the English and the Welsh. Scottish people may be more open to foreign countries and contacts because they have traditionally looked for contacts.

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