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Дипчак Анна Сергеевна

Учитель математики

Специализированная школа № 103

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Secondary school was a place for me to learn the basics of math and incite an interest in this area. In my first year at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) I was exposed to the enormous amount of information about mathematical theories and relevant subjects such as mathematical analysis and discrete math, algorithms and data structures, and different programming languages.My sophomore year was filled with practical experience, unfortunately not related to my future profession, such as programming and software development in addition to my university classes. After I earned my B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics in 2011, I readily agreed when my physics teacher, and now the new director, invited me to work as a teacher in my home school. So I joined Specialised Secondary School 103 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan as a teacher of math and a form-master of 8th form. It was my first hesitant step to the exciting world of teaching and learning and, as you can see, I absolutely was not prepared to teach, but I was full of enthusiasm to impart my knowledge and educate in students of my school a spirit of power and the light of knowledge, as once my teachers brought it to me. I was responsible not only for teaching algebra and geometry but for a wide range of work areas such as Work with gifted children, to prepare them for the Republican Contest of Knowledge and Subject Olympiads at different levels (school, district, city) in mathematics & informatics Maintain a electives for students of specialised math classes, learning the challenges of increased complexity, non-standard tasks and olympiad type tasks. Administration of the department of Public Children's Organisation at the school level. Organisation of the work of children's self-management. Preparation and holding of cultural events and competitions at the class and school levels (Children's Art Festival, National Celebrations and holidays) Develop and support the electronic databases of the school at the national level (database on enrolment, documentation of staff), as well as school level database administration. Monitoring the quality of students' knowledge of mathematics and informatics in the context of secondary school (on a monthly basis, on the basis of a quarter, on the basis of the Objective Month, at the end of the year)

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