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Исаенко Евгения Олеговна

учитель английского языка

Россия МОУ СОШ №31

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Welcome! I am very pleased to see you on my page. I want to share my achievements with you and I will be glad if you can find some useful information here. I’m a teacher from Russia. My name is Eugenia Isaenko. I’ve been working at school since 2014. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, that’s why when my dream came true I was really very happy! I love my work very much! I am fond of travelling. My family enjoys summer vacations at the seaside. As for my hobbies I enjoy cooking and knitting. I like almost all kinds of music, theatre and cinema. When I was a high school student, I had a pen friend from the USA. We used to write letters to each other and discuss different things! I think it’s very interesting for children from different countries to share their opinions and be able to communicate. That`s all about me for now.

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