Kabanova Olga Ivanovna
9 лет назад


ADVICE Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it. (Syrus) 1. If you believe it, you can achieve it. 2. Listen to the promise of a new day in the morning. 3. Speak what is true, necessary and loving. 4. Be grateful for the chance to learn while living. 5. Discover the inner Light, listen to the Music, and be your Self! 6. Hope is an energy of your personality - develop it. 7. Behold the beauty in the vastness of the cosmos. 8. End this evening with an inner song of thanks. 9. The wealth of creation wants to flow to you - open up to it. 10. Use your will power consciously and in wise ways. 11. Feeling leads to compassion and compassion leads to harmony. 12. The power of transformation takes away the old and the new. 13. Water flows and adapts itself, without losing its nature. Do the same! 14. Treat each other with love and care. 15. Don`t forget to do well and share what you have. 16. Value time over money – only time cannot be replenished. 17. Your attitude and thoughts must be constantly changing for the better. 18. Do what`s true – and say it, too. 19. Put right in the light. 20. Keep kind in mind. 21. Hold wisdom tight and you`ll be all right. 22. Obey today and watch it pay. ADD YOUR ADVICE AND COMMENTARY!


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