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Mammadova Ruhangiz Zahid

English teacher

Азербайджан school#290

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Инфоурок / Сайты учителей / Mammadova Ruhangiz Zahid

I was born in 1960 in Baku, Azerbaijan.I graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Foreign Languages. I teach English at school #290 in Baku.I was finalist and semi finalist in TEA( Excellence Teaching Awards), PiE(Partnership in Education), Elementary Curriculum Programs in 2002-2010 funded by the US Department of State together with the Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan.In 2005 as the alumni of Project Harmony Azerbaijan Exchange &Connections Program I took part in the trainings of this program in the USA.In 2009 and 2013 I took part in the Exchange program with Hampton Academy in Japan.In 2014 I took part in some educational trainings in Bonn, Germany.In 2009-2010 I was awarded the highest Azerbaijan Governmental Award "The Best Teacher in 2009-2010" .

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The Article "Teaching English in the Junior Classes"

Иностранные языки
Другие методич. материалы 09.03.2015 Просмотров: 212 Комментариев: 0

The article is about teaching English in the junior classes. The way of teaching English in junior classes differ a little from the teaching English in the elder classes. The students in junior classes are eager to learn the foreign languages. But they like to learn them in their own way a little different from those in elder classes. They like various activities while learning and equire them with the help of technical equipments.They like bright colours toys games songs and performances.The...

The Article "What I Saw Heard and Read in Japan"

Иностранные языки
Другие методич. материалы 09.03.2015 Просмотров: 165 Комментариев: 0

This article is about the impressions of me as a teacher of English in Japan. While travelling in Japan in 2009 I saw many intersting things from the point of view of an English teacher and a simple traveller.I was there as a quest of my son who lives and studies there.The way of life, the customs and traditions of Japanese people interest the foreign travellers. It is a beautiful country with a lot of wonders. It also takes the third place in economical development in the world. Japan is fam...

The Video Lesson "Sports" in the II class.

Иностранные языки
Видеоуроки 09.03.2015 Просмотров: 210 Комментариев: 0

This video lesson is prepared for the II class. The theme of the lesson is "Sports". It is useful for the students to study this way.They are introduced the new words about sports in the visual way.All the periods of the lesson may be followed with the activities of different kinds. The students are introduced such words as football, volleyball, basketball which are so much used in our everyday life.They impress their feelings and thoughts if they like or don't like any kind of th

The Presentation to the Competition."The Best Teacher of the Year 2009-2010"

Иностранные языки
Презентации 09.03.2015 Просмотров: 204 Комментариев: 0

This presentation is prepared for the competition "The Best Teacher of the Year" in 2009-2010. This is the annual competition with the governmental award of 5.000 AZN in Azerbaijan.It is very competitive to take part in this competition. I was selected to be the" Best Teacher of the 2009-2010" and awarded this prize.The participants have to apply with their achivements in the first level. Then they have to hold the open lesson with the technical equipments. In the last level

The Article "How I Teach English."

Иностранные языки
Другие методич. материалы 08.03.2015 Просмотров: 256 Комментариев: 0

I am an English teacher. I teach English at the secondary school. It is an interesting job. I was interested in teaching English while I was a child.It is interesting for me to teach English because I want people to know this language.English is the communicative mean in our global world.People all over the world speak this language,they got acquainted, they know the other culture and traditions, the places and people.There are many ways of learning foreign languages. While teaching English t...

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