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Маренова Айтуган Амангелдыкызы

Учительница по английскому языку

Казахстан Средняя школа Манашы

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Hobby is a favorite occupation of a person in his or her free time. People are different so they have hobbies of various kinds. Somebody likes to knit or sew things, other likes to make everything with his own hands or to draw, to take pictures. Many children and grow-ups are fond of collecting. They collect old coins, postcards, toys, stamps. Hobby helps people to relax, to forget about their troubles and to have a good time. My hobby is learning English. Nowadays it’s especially important to know foreign languages because we need it for our work, for travelling abroad. Everyone who knows foreign languages can speak to people from other countries, read foreign authors in original that makes our outlook wider. Now English has become the world’s most important language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations. English is the language of computers. Learning English for pleasure includes listening to my favorite English songs, watching films without dubbing, chatting with friends from English-speaking countries in internet. All these things make my life exciting. I think my hobby is very interesting and useful.

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