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Набидуллин Бактыгул Галымжанович

учитель физкультуры

Казахстан средняя школа имени Ауэзова

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First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Baktygul. I'm fourty three years old. I'm a teacher. There are two more kids in the family besides - my small btother Gadilzhan and my younger sister Dina. Gadilzhan is fourty-one, he a teacher in the University, he will be a dentist. Maria is only twelve, she is a schoolgirl. I forgot to mention one more member of our family. It's our favourite poodle Tim. My parents are not old at all. My Mum is forty, she works for newspaper. My Dad is forty-four, he is an engineer in computers. My parents love their jobs very much. I'm doing quite well at school. My parents are proud of my marks. I go in for sports. I play basket-ball. In summer time I like yachting and windsurfing. I take part in different basket-ball competitions. In a year I shall finish my school and I have to decide what occupation to choose I have been studying English for seven years. I want to be a military interpreter. My grandparents are already retired. They like gardening and spend all their time growing tomatoes, potatoes, onions, strawberries, raspberries.

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