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Непогодина Наталья Фёдоровна

учитель английского языка

Россия МБОУ Спортивный лицей №82

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My name is Natalia. I am from Russia and I am an English teacher at secondary sport school for young footballers. After I had graduated from the University I taught French (really I am a French Teacher on my Diploma) and English (my second foreign language). I started my professional career in 1990-1991 but I stopped it for a long period of time and came back to the teacher work only in 2007. There was my portrait in 1991: a young girl with a kind smile, I sang songs, drew rules on the paper with colorful funny pictures. I liked my students, my lessons. Students listened to me carefully. I was confident and young teacher and I did not think much about methodology and different technical things. I taught them easily…. Now I am a teacher again. I read much, analyze and motivate pupils to study English. I like my work as usual. The more I work the more practice……But teaching now is more difficult and harder than many years ago….for me….. And my plans now are to develop myself and think what to do and how to teach with more pleasure. Thank you for attention and I am always glad to be with you.

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