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Пардабеков Иброхим Анварбекович

  • учитель казахского языка и литературы
  • осш№110 им. Зиямат Хусанова
  • Казахстан
  • 19.02.1979

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Husanov Ziyamat Usmanovich - the commander of machine-gun calculation of 228th Guards shooting regiment 78th Guards shooting division of 25th shooting case of 57th army Southwest front, guards the sergeant. Was born on May, 9th, 1921 in village to Sayram nowadays Sayram area of the Chimkent area Kazakhstan into a peasant family. He was Uzbek. He studied at the Tashkent Pedagogical Institute, graduated two courses. To Red Army he was called in October, 1940. Has been directed for study to school of aviation navigators but it was not necessary to study up affairs at the front were bad. At the front in the Great Patriotic War since May,1942. Baptism of fire has received on the Western front in the Smolensk region where was seriously injured. The commander of machine-gun calculation of 228th Guards shooting regiment (78th Guards shooting division, 57th army, Southwest front) the member of the Komsomol of guards sergeant Ziyamat Husanov in fight at settlement Distant Sand of the Belgorod region in July, 1943, reflecting attacks of the opponent to river bank Severski Donets, has destroyed about two tens enemy soldiers and officers. Remained to cover a withdrawal of the rests of the battalion, after destruction of second number of calculation one combated. When cartridges have terminated, beat off pomegranates. Departing companions have heard some explosions at Z. Husanova's position and then there all has abated. The decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR from February, 22nd, 1944 for exemplary performance of fighting tasks of command at the front struggle against fascist aggressors both the courage shown thus and heroism, guards to sergeant Husanov Ziyamat Usmanovich appropriates a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union (posthumously).

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