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Сариева Райхан Базаровна

  • учитель английского языка
  • СШ №4
  • Казахстан
  • 22.11.1970

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There is a wide choice of different professions and I`d like to tell you about my hesitation what to choose. In my childhood I wanted to become a famous singer or actor but when I was aware of all the difficulties of these professions I decided to refuse of my dream. Then I was going to become a vet. I imagined myself treating different animals, taking care of them, feeding and walking with them in the park, but this dream hadn`t also come true. It goes without saying that every person must choose his profession according his natural abilities and inclinations to it. So I have decided to connect my life with a profession of a teacher because I am sure that it`s my cup of tea. On the one hand it`s a great responsibility for children, on the other hand it`s a very interesting, exciting and valuable profession in our life. Besides you won`t be able to succeed as a teacher if you don`t like children. Your success depends on a lot of things. At first you should be communicative, very organized and hardworking. You must be skilful in your profession. It is also necessary to understand pupils, give them a helping hand and be ready to solve their problems. More than that you must be polite and tactful. Profession of a teacher is a great profession and it is known that who doesn`t work in this sphere, won`t be able to understand all the essence of it. Nowadays there are thousands of different occupations but the most important role in choosing this or that one, plays a salary, of course. It is so, but to my mind, it`s impossible to work only for that purpose "earning a lot of money". Our job must bring us satisfaction and always only pleasant emotions. So in conclusion I`d like to advise people to choose their profession carefully, taking everything into their consideration.

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