Сайпуллаева Джемал Гудратыллаевна

  • Учительница английского языка
  • Средняя школа 31 Сердарабат Лебап велаят Туркменистан
  • Другая
  • 07.09.1986

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I teach 3,4 7,9 , 11 grades, conduct co-curricular activites, motivate students to participate in online olympiads and activities. Several of my students have participated in district wide olympiad this term, two of whom got 1 places and one got the 2 place. Online olympiads and different contests like this enhance students' English skills enrich their voabulary and improve oral and written abitlities. I would like my students to check their already existing knowledge by attending online tests and competitions which will develop their enthusiasm in their further studies.

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