Тлеуова Аккозы Жубатыровна

  • Учитель англиский язык
  • КГУ "Городская казахская школа-лицей"
  • Казахстан
  • 15.02.1960

Категории по интересам:

The Aims: 1.To learn English language,to enrich vocabulary. 2.To teach to be cultural person, to grow interest to the English language. 3. To develop reading, speaking skills. Teaching aids: cards, slides. Procedure of the game. 1.Greeting each other 2. Best reading competition 3. Proverbs 4. Speaking 5. Everyday words 6. Find the tenses 7. Answer the questions (10 questions to each other) 8. What can you do? (dance, song, poem) Good afternoon dear children and teachers. We are glad to see you on this game. We hope all of you will enjoy our game. Let’s begin our game. First let me introduce our competition and participants. There are two teams the first team is ‘’Friendship’’-7-th forms.

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