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Тулегенова Бахытгуль Турганбековна

учитель английского языка

Казахстан Иртышская СОШ №4

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I am a teacher of English. I work at Irtysh secondary school 4. My work experience as a teacher is about 9 years. I teach school students from 1 to 11 grade levels. The level of students' knoweledge varies from Beginner to Intermediate. The main purpose of my work - to teach students to learn, create conditions for the formation of their subjective qualities revitalize students by including them in the design and research activities; develop skills in speaking and writing, creative abilities of students. Based on the goal, I put the following objectives: 1. To teach to collect, organize and summarize the information they need, meaningful work with selected materials, reference tools. 2.To help students to master the skills of independent work with the text: drawing up statements of the program using the plan, issues, schemes, selection of the necessary supports to the plan (words, phrases, etc.) 3.To teach how to write messages, essays. 4.To teach to analyze the material and draw conclusions. The main purpose of the study of foreign languages ​​at school - the formation of students' foreign language communicative competence, the ability and willingness to carry out foreign language, interpersonal and intercultural communication with native speakers. To achieve this goal we need to strengthen the social and cultural orientation of foreign language teaching, focus on strengthening the culturological aspects in the content of education, the inclusion of students in the dialogue of cultures that contribute to familiarizing students to the culture of the country of studied language, the development of mutual understanding, tolerance to the appearance of another culture, helping them to better understand the features of the culture of their country and develop their ability to represent it in the process of communication by means of a foreign language. On my lessons I usually use different methods of teaching language like: Speaking, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing. What about my personal interests, I enjoy travelling a lot and doing sport.

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