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Устная тема на английском языке о порблемах окружающей среды

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Nowadays we have a lot of ecological problems, which influence really serious effects.

I want to start with air pollution, it caused by greenhouse gases, emitted by factories and paints secondly by car exast fumes a fluidly by big amount of trees, that we cut down. My face become red when I see such picture. So it is time to take drastic messures , such as promote education about all technological problems, to start a car pod and fine companies polluting the air in order to prevent all air polluted and make it cleaner.

Secondly, serious problem is water pollution. Reason of it appaling factories that throw in the seas and lakes. And now it is summer, to tell the truth it is very dangerous to swim in it, because there are a lot of poisoning things.

Thirdly it is traffic jams. I feel butterfly in my stomach, when I hurry up to the important place, but I stay in a traffic jam, that causes by heave traffic. I know that different countries solve this problem different way, because it is really serious! Statistic says, that in Moscow for example, drivers spent 14 days in traffic jams in the 1 year. So, I know, that in London people pay money for some roads. There are special roads for public transport, so you can arrive your place quickly by using public transport. And what about your country?

Fourthly I want to say about rubbish dumps .I n my town this problems is hot burning .Because Sevastopol is a popular tourist destination, and in summer there are a lot of guests in our town, so a lot of rubbish. Governments can not solve the problem. We must take drastic messures, as fining people or companies, throwing rubbish in a not property place, moreover we must reuse and recycle rubbish as people in Europe.

I told you about not all ecological problems, because there are so many, that I need much time to say about it. But in conclusion I want to say, that it is time to take drastic measures. If we start to solve the problem together we will have a good result/

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