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В помощь учителю 11 класс по теме JOBS 11 класс


A letter of application

Dear Sir,

I should like to be considered for the post of Personnel Manager at your Croydon factory, which was advertised in the Sunday Chronicle on February 15th, 1971.

The relevant information concerning my education and professional experience is as follows.

From 1960 to 1963 I studied Sociology at the University of Harrogate and graduated with a Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) in that subject.

The main degree course was concerned with basic sociological topics, such as the history and theory of sociology, but there were also a number of optional courses available. From amongst these 1 selected The History of Industrial Sociology, and The Psychology of Management. In order to satisfy part of the requirements for my Finals Examination I had to submit a short dissertation involving original research. I wrote a paper on Nineteenth Century Industrial Relations in Yorkshire, and for this section of my examination received a mark of distinction.

Whilst at university I took an active part in a number of social activities, and was secretary of both the Drama Society and the Student Sociological Society.

On leaving university I was a student for a year at the North Yorkshire Business College, where I was successful in obtaining a Diploma in Industrial Management, Class 1. Courses at this college covered a wide field relevant to the management studies in general, and I was able to supplement my theoretical knowledge with a great deal of practical experience of such things as office management, personnel selection and the development and modification of work schedules. But it was in the area of personnel management and control that I found my interests developing most fully, and I took all available opportunities of increasing my knowledge of theory and practice in this field.

From July 1964, when I left business college, until September 1968, I was employed as an Assistant Personnel Officer with Messrs. James Bradley, at their Leeds factory. The company manufactures a wide range of small components for use in the electronics and motor industries, and employed at that time a labour force of approximately five hundred men and women. My duties were concerned mainly with the selection of personnel, for work both in the factory and also on the clerical and administrative side; but I was also largely responsible for liaison between the departments concerned with production, and the welfare department.

I enjoyed the work at Bradley's very much, especially in that it kept me closely in touch with both workers and management, but after four years' experience there, and in the absence of any prospects of promotion I applied for, and was successful in obtaining, the post of Deputy Personnel Manager with Yorkshire Engineers, Ltd. of Keighley. I began work there in September 1968, and am still employed in the same post.

My work at Yorkshire Engineers is in many ways similar to that which I was doing previously, but since the factory is engaged in heavy engineering I have been able to gain experience of recruiting and administering a rather different kind of labour. The work, again, I have found absorbing and rewarding, but I feel that at this stage in my career I should like more responsibility and greater scope for putting into effect some of the more up-to-date ideas that are now being developed and applied in the field of personnel management and control. It is for this reason that I am now submitting this application for your consideration.

In your advertisement you asked applicants to provide information on leisure activities which may be considered relevant. Amongst my numerous out-of-work activities there are two that I should like to mention in this connection.

First, I have continued ever since university to read widely in the literature relevant to my occupation, and I find time occasionally to contribute articles to several of the journals in this field. Details of my publications are provided on an attached sheet. Second, I began doing some voluntary social work while at business college, and have gradually extended my commitment in this direction ever since.

I enclose copies of two recent testimonials, and the names and addresses of two people who are prepared to act as my referees.

I hope that the information I have provided in this letter and the enclosures is sufficient for your purposes, but 1 shall of course be glad to expand it should you wish.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Dean.

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