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Веб-квест на английском языке

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Практическая работа №3

Еремкина Анна Васильевна

Учитель истории





Краткое описание документа:

 Music plays an important role in our lives. It is a central tool for expressing our emotions and promoting our living. We need to spend a lot of time listening to music to entertain ourselves. In this project, you will investigate the Beatles, the famous group in the history of pop music whose recordings still enjoy a lot of people. You are invited to go on a journey in order to have a quick overview of the historical aspect of the Beatles. You will know its origin, members and the most famous songs. Then, you will discover the most common musical instruments. Finally, you have to make a presentation using a multi-media medium about the history of this band. To fulfill what we have planned for, you have to answer all the questions. So, let's surf  the Net and gather as much information as possible about this popular band.

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