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Входная контрольная работа для 5 класса

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


  1. Read the text and answer the questions:

Jill is a pupil. She goes to school every day. She wakes up at 7 o’clock. Jill goes to the bathroom, washes her face and cleans her teeth. Then she goes to the kitchen to have breakfast. For breakfast she usually has some cornflakes with and a cup of tea. After the breakfast Jill goes to school. Today is Friday. Jill has got 3 lessons: Russian, English and Maths. She writes a dictation during Russian class. During maths class she counts pencils. At English lesson she reads a story about animals. Jill likes to go to school.

  1. Who is Jill?

  2. When does Jill wake up?

  3. What does she eat for breakfast?

  4. What lessons has Jill got on Friday?

  5. What does she do at English lesson?

  1. Choose the right answer:

  1. He_____early yesterday.

  1. get up b) got up c) gets up

  1. We _______to the river next summer.

  1. went b) go c) will go

  1. My sister ____ breakfast every morning.

  1. cooks b) will cook c) cooked

  1. It____ snowy and windy last winter.

  1. was b) is c) were

  1. Jill _____ a new dress tomorrow.

  1. will put on b) puts on c) put on

  1. My little sister usually____ puzzles in the evening.

  1. play b) plays c) played

  1. His house is __than her house .

  1. small b) smaller c) the smallest

  1. My flowers are ___ in the town.

  1. the most beautiful b) more beautiful c) beautiful

  1. He is _____pupil .

  1. the goodest b) the best c) better

  1. The desert is ___than the field .

  1. the biggest b) biger c) bigger

  1. The book is _____than the film.

  1. more interesting b) the most interesting c) interesting

  1. Look at ____picture!

a) this b) these c) those

  1. Give me _______book, please.

  1. those b) that c) these

  1. Do you like __________posters?

  1. this b) that c) those

  1. Betsy went shopping and bought _____________milk.

  1. some b) any c) no

  1. Have you got ______________apples?

  1. some b) any c) no

  1. There is ___________bread at home.

  1. some b) any c) no

  1. We haven’t got _____________sweets at home.

a) some b) any c) no

  1. Put the words into the plural form:

  1. A horse

  2. A city

  3. A child

  4. A mouse

  5. A box

  6. A bridge

  7. A town

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