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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 11 класса

Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 11 класса

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Проверочная работа

по английскому языку

учени_____ 11 «____» класса



1. Yesterday I _ a friend who _ from holiday in Turkey.

a)  had met, just came b) met, had just come c)  had met, has just come

2.  _ out last night? - Yes, I _ to the pictures.

a) have you been, went  b)  have you been, was goingn  c)  did you go, went

3. Who's that lady who_ a red pullover?

 a) wears
b)  is wearing c) wore

4. In this picture a man _ by a dog.

a)  is following b)  is being followed  c) is followed

5.     How much money _?

a) did they steal  b)  were they stolen c)  they had stolen

6.  She didn't know the guests _ late.

a) come b) would come c) will come

7.  Children thought no one _ them.

  a) can see b) was seeing c) could see

8. They understood that they _ a mistake.

a) made  b) make
c) had made

9. Is Mr. Brown at home? - He _ be, but I'm not sure.

 a) could  b) might c) must

10. I _ for you all day. Where have you been?

have been looking  b) have looked c) looked

 11. You look upset. What _ to you?

   a) has happened   b) happens c)  had happened

12. If you _ so much noise, I _ to concentrate.

 a) make, won't be able b) made, won't be able c) made, wouldn't have been able

13. Have you ever heard _ ? She's got a marvelous voice.

 a)  Mary ringing b)  that Mary sing
  c) Mary sing

14. People use … words and gestures to express their feelings.

a) both      b) either       c) neither     

15. Some languages, … French and Italian, are based on Latin.

a) as well as   b) apart from     c) such as

16. Israel exports diamonds and flowers, … fruit.

a) in addition    b) as well as    c) such as   

17. Now the baby has only one …, but their elder son’s … are wonderful.

a) teeth, tooth     b) tooth, teeth      c) teeth, teethes      

18. They were studying … .

a) the whole day today    b) for two hours last Monday    c) just now   

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