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Входной контрольный тест "Проверка знаний учащихся"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

1. Find the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. I think John _____ translate this document.

a) will have b) have to c) has d) will have to

2. This car is more ______ than that one.

a) fasest b) fast c)modern d) faster

3. I _____ breakfast when the phone rang.

a) am having b) was having c) had d) have

4. “Must I take my umbrella?” “No, you _____. It’s not going to rain”

a) mustn’t b) needn’t c) have to d) don’t

5. She hasn’t written to me _____ we met last time.

a) for b) before c) ago d) since

6. It’s Mr Smith, ________?

a) is it b)isn’t it c)isn’t he d)is not it

7. Couldn’t you go a little faster? I’m ______ a hurry.

a) of b) at c) on d) in

8. One of my neighbours has _______ me to tea.

a) invited b) welcomed c) pleased d) suggested

9. I’m __________ in the news.

a) interest b) interested c) interesting d) exciting

10. It’s a small town in the south _______ England.

a) – b) from c) of d) to

11. Mr.Smith woke up in the middle of the night. He could hear ______ in his garden.

a) everywhere b) anything c) anybody d) someone

12. I usually wear skirts, but today I _____ trousers.

a) am wearing b) wearing c) wears d) wear

13. “Have you ever been to France?” “Yes, I _______ there last August”.

a) were b) had been c) have been d) went

14. This record-shop ______be a book-shop a few years ago.

a) used to b) used c) use d) using

15. This question is _____ difficult for me.

a) enough b) to c) too d) such

16. She doesn’t like ____ television.

a) see b) looking c)watch d) watching

17. I was a bit worried because I thought I might _____ my train.

a) not reach b) lose c) miss d) be late

18. Can we ______ at your house and go to the party together?

a) come b) see c) meet d) find

19. How can I ______ the post-office?

a) get b) find c) arrive d) reach

20. He arrived _____ you were asleep.

a) while b) for c) until d) during

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