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Входной тест для 6 класса

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Входной тест 6 класс


I.Установите соответствие между словом и его переводом.

1.timetable 2.ask 3.art 4.subject 5.mark 6.break

7.IT 8.borrow 9.answer 10.PE

a)перемена b)физкультура c)отвечать d)оценка

e)расписание f)брать взаймы g)спрашивать h)искусство

i)предмет j)информатика

II.Найдите правильный ответ.

1.This year we have got some new …

a)timetables b)subjects c)marks

2.I can’t understand you. … slowly, please.

a)speak b)tell c)say

3.At school we can …

a)spend the weekend b)do nothing c)take part in competitions

4.My friend told us some … and legends.

a)steps b)storms c)stories

5.I am responsible for me …

a)guess b)guide c)guest

6.The … of London has a cruel history.

a)Tower b)houses c)tailor

7.She likes to laugh and sing. She is … girl.

a)serious b)merry

III.Выберите правильный перевод слов.


a)foreign b)favourite c)secondary d)pleasant


a)language b)subject c)term d)school.

3.Найдите разделительный вопрос.

a)Where does Felix live? b)What does he want to become?

c)Anna is a great traveler, isn’t she? d)How old is she?

4.Выберите правильную форму глагола.

Jennifer … the book at the moment.

a)read b)reads c)is reading d)will read


a)museum b)tower c)palace d)square

Входной тест 6 класс


I.Установите соответствие между словом и его переводом.

1.famous 2.at the seaside 3.favourite 4.fruit

5.vegetables 6.well-known

a)любимый b)на побережье c)овощи d)знаменитый

e)известный f)фрукты

II.Найдите правильный ответ.

1.Our pupils like to … a lot of questions.

a)ask b)task c)answer

2.My friend … English yesterday.

a)spoke b)said c)told

3.At museum we can …

a)run and jump b)ride a bike c)recognize famous pictures

4.Oh! How fun it is to ride in one-horse open …

a)sleight b)way c)say

5.Big Ben is one of the famous … of London.

a)nights b)sights c)times

6.The Houses of Parliament are the place where the … speak.

a)politics b)policemen c)politicians

7… teach pupils at school.

a)teacher b)nurse c)dentist

III.Выберите правильный перевод слов.


a)stormy b)windy c)cold d)snowy


a)history b)literature c)science d)art.

3.Найдите разделительный вопрос.

a)Does Jack live in the USA? b)How many people is she inviting?

c)What European countries has Barbara been to? d)Lara couldn’t stay after lessons, couldn’t she?

4.Выберите правильную форму глагола.

BillyTV now.

a)is watching b)watch c)watched d)watches


a)loving b)kind c)responsible d)well-known

Входной тест 6 класс


I.Установите соответствие между словом и его переводом.

1.return 2.school club 3.language 4.translation

5.recognize 6.tradition 7.legend

a)традиция b)перевод c)школьный клуб d)возвращаться

e)язык f)легенда g)узнавать

II.Найдите правильный ответ.

1.He is a sportsman. He likes his … lessons.

a)Art b)Maths c)P.E.

2.My friend likes … me about his funny cats.

a)to speak b)to tell c)to say

3.At the seaside we can …

a)pick berries b)sunbathe c)do homework

4.We’d like to visit different …

a)colours b)collections c)countries

5.We’d like some … with tea.

a)biscuits b)badges c)bubbles

6.Buckingham … is the Queen’s official London home.

a)museum b)theatre c)Palace

7.The Bloody Tower is in …

a)Westminster Abbey b)Windsor Palace c)Buckingham Palace d)the Tower of London

III.Выберите правильный перевод слов.


a)foreign b)blood c)secondary d)pleasant


a)sociable b)loving c)creative d)talkative.

3.Найдите разделительный вопрос.

a)Where do you live? b)What does he like for breakfast?

c)Lena was at school yesterday, wasn’t she? d)How old is she?

4.Выберите правильную форму глагола.

Mother … in the kitchen now.

a)cook b)cooks c)is cooking d)will cook


a)driver b)pilot c)police officer d)worker

Входной тест 6 класс


I.Установите соответствие между словом и его переводом.

1.sight 2.tower 3.fortress 4.palace 5.politician 6.activities 7.face-to-face

a)деятельность b)достопримечательность c)дворец d)лицом к лицу e)политик f)крепость g)башня

II.Найдите правильный ответ.

1.Our pupils can … teacher’s questions well.

a)ask b)task c)answer

2.In the forest we can …

a)go sightseeing b)play the piano c)pick mushrooms

3.They enjoyed the … of interest.

a)places b)faces c)parts

4.In the Drawing Club we …

a)take photos b)draw pictures c)play games

5.Many years ago the Tower of London was …

a)fountain b)prison c)festival

6.He is a sweet tooth. He likes …

a)sweets b)meat c)sandwiches

7.He is ... He likes animals and treat them.

a)nurse b)doctor c)vet

III.Выберите правильный перевод слов.


a)cakes b)sweets c)rolls d)biscuits


a)raven b)fly c)flower d)desk

3.Найдите разделительный вопрос.

a)Where does Felix live? b)What does he want to become?

c)Tim has read this book yet, hasn’t he? d)How old is she?

4.Выберите правильную форму глагола.

Hethe letter yet.

a)wrote b)has written c)is writing d)will write


a)writer b)tailor c)engineer d)worker

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