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Выберите ваш вариант ответа вместо пропусков.

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Тест по английскому языку "The Infinitive"

Выберите ваш вариант ответа вместо пропусков.


Joan likes taking care of sick animals. She is pleased  this kind of work all the time.

to have been doing

to be doing

to have done

to do


Jack is in his garage. He must  his car.

be repairing

have been repairing


have repaird


I was very upset and I didn't know whom  to for advice.

to turn

to be turning

to have turned

to have been turned


I didn't want to join the dispute, so I pretended  .

to read

to be reading

to have read

to have been reading


He suddenly awoke from his trance; there was a decision  .

to be made

to make

to have made

to have been made


That woman is still sitting. She seems  over an hour.

to wait

to be waiting

to have been waiting

to have waited


We intended  a new house. But we couldn't afford it; houses are very expensive nowadays.

to buy

to have bought

to be buying

to have been buying


I am glad  to stay with them in their country-house.

to invite

to be invited

to have invited

to have been invited


You warned me to stay away from Robert. I am sorry not  your advice.

to have followed

to be following

to follow

to have been following


Look at the children! They are laughing. They seem  the film.

to enjoy

to be enjoying

to have enjoyed

to have been enjoying


This work is easy; it may  by a child, if you ask me.

be doing

be done

have done

have been done


Library books mustn't  for more than two weeks.


be kept

be keeping

have kept


It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is  it.

to be using

to use

to have used

to have been using


Modern art is when you buy a picture  a hole in the wall - and decide that the hole looks better.

to cover

to be covering

to have covered

to have been covering


To be the gainer you are  yourself; to be happy you are to forget yourself.

to be losing

to lose

to have lost

to have been losing

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