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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Виховний захід з англійської мови To England with Love
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Виховний захід з англійської мови To England with Love


Виховний захід з англійської мови

To England with Love

Звучить музика, пісні англійською мовою. В залі збираються глядачі, журі, учасники.

З`являється ведучий (Compere), музика стихає.

Compere: Dear friends! Ladies and gentlemen!

I'm very glad to meet you here, in this beautiful hall and to welcome you to the party “To England with Love”.

Today we’ll speak English, listen and sing English songs, listen and play English jokes and games, and dance English dances.In other words, we’ll enjoy the English language today. So, we begin.

Now I’ll present to you the participants of our party, the students of our college who love English and know it. So meet.

Now we are going to divide the participants into two teams. And that’s why I ask the participants to come out to my table and take a card (blue or red) and then tale their seats at the table (marked blue and red). So now we have two teams and I want to introduce our honorable jury who will judge today’s contest.

So, now we are ready for first task of out contest. Attention, please. (Звучить музична заставка).

  1. Now you have to think of names for your teams, to a captain and draw a symbol. Is the task clear?

Everything necessary for this task you have on your tables. Ready, steady, go! Good luck!

While the teams are getting ready with their tasks, I want to address to you, dear fans.

Have you already decided what team you will be shouting for? If yes, you will be able to help your team win the contest. You will be asked questions, you will try to guess the words in charades, and the points you win will be added to the score of this or that team.

So will we try? OK, let's begin.

The first contest with fans (Literary questions)

  1. Which of English fairy-tale characters said, “I have just been thinking, and I have come to a very important conclusion. There are the wrong sorts of bees!” (Winnie-the-Pooh)

  2. What English literary character pronounced “To Be or Not to Be?” (Hamlet)

  3. What books did Lewis Carroll write for children and grow-ups? (“Alice in the Wonderland”, 1865 and “Through the Looking-Glass, And What Alice Found There”, 1871)

  4. Who are the main characters of Arthur Conan-Doyle’s detective stories? (Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson)

  5. How many little drafts are there in the fairy-tale about Snow White? (Seven)

  6. Who is the author of the play “Pygmalion" (George Bernard Shaw)

  7. How many persons were there in the boat with J.K Jerome? (Two, Harris and George, to say nothing of the dog?

Compere: So, I think out teams are ready and they will present their names, emblems and captains. The first team-begin, please.

The jury will decide whose name and emblem is the best. Add the points won by the fans.

  1. And now I’ll ask captains of the teams to come up here. They will take en envelope with the task.

  1. The task is to make a step and give a word on the topic from the envelope. Your task is ti give as many words as you can.

- season;

- home.

2) The second task of the captains is to say the tongue-twister best and as quickly as possible.

She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore,

The shells she sells are sea-shells, I’m sure.

  1. Our next task is as follows.
    You will be given reproductions of two pictures: “Little Rogue” by Joshua Reynolds, a great English painter of the XVIII century; “Eskimo in a Kayak” by Rockwell Kent, a famous American painter of the XX century. You will have to bring them alive in a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile – the word of the jury for the captains’ contest. (Max. 4 points.). Any comments? What is the score? Are the teams ready? So here you are! And now jury, your score. (Max. 2 points.)

  1. Звучить музика “Old Macdonald Had a Farm”.

Complete: And now we’ll travel to the farm.

Dear friends! Do you know the animals and birds, the names of which are written on the blackboard?

Yes, good! So, now very quickly you will match these animals and birds with the verbs that show how they speak.
Is that clear? Begin.

  1. Dogs bark

  2. Pigs grunt

  3. Cows moo

  4. Hens cluck

  5. Cocks crow

  6. Geese gabble

  7. Ducks quack

  8. Frogs creak

Here I’d like to recite the words of the great write

«Собака залаяла, и то не так, отдает чужим как будто на иностранном языке лает».

So the next task of your is to translate into English the sounds produced by this or that animal and fill in the story I will tell you. Is that clear? The cards with words are on your tables.

Early in the morning somewhere on the outskirts of Glasgow at old Macdonald’s farm an old cock cried (owed) “Cock-a-doodle-doo”. At the next farm another followed: “Cook-a-doodole-doo!” The old duck didn’t want to get up, so she said: “Quack-quack” but the young one protested, “Quack-quack!” The big pink pig was very happy of them, so the other agreed with her, “Oink-oink!” They all didn’t know that that morning their neighbour’s dog was engaged to his sweetheart. He said, “Bow-wow!” and she answered “bow-wow!” Happy end.

Cards for the teams: Ку-ку-рі-ку quack-quack

Кря-кря cock-a-doodle-doo

Хрю-хрю bow-wow

Гав-гав oink-oink

The jury will say their word. (Maximum 4 points for this contest.)

  1. And now we pass to the next task (Drama).
    The captains of teams will take envelopes with the texts of short jokes. In several minutes they will have to stage them.

Is the task clear?

  1. An absent-minded writer was very busy at his desk one evening. Suddenly his son came into the room. “What do you want?” asked the father. “Oh, daddy”, said the boy, “I only want to say good night”. “I have no time”, answered his absent-minded father. “Tell me tomorrow morning and if I’ve time, I’ll listen to you.”

  2. A big fat man called at the house of the woman well known for her charity.

Madam”, he said in a sad voice. “I wish to draw your attention to a poor family in our street. The father is dead, the mother is too ill to work ,and the nine children are always hungry. They will be turned into the street if you don’t help them. Their rent is about twelve pounds”.

How terrible!” exclaimed the woman, “My I ask you who you are?”

The fat man put his handkerchief to his eyes and said, “I’m the landlord. They live in my house.”

While the teams are getting ready with their plays I’ll ask the fans to guess the words in charades. Ready? Listen!

  1. My first is what boys and most girls wear on their heads in cold weather,

My second is the third person singular personal personal pronoun,

My third is an adjective-forming suffix,

My whole is the chief city of a state.

(Cap – it – al)

  1. My fist is a preposition,

My second is a synonym of receive,

My whole is the antonyms of remember.


  1. My first is what we say when we agree,

My second is the first syllable of the word “terribly”,

My third is the antonym of “night”,

My whole is the day before today,

(Yes – ter – day)

  1. My first is what we do after we get up,

My second is the suffix of Participle I,

My third is the letter, which comes after “s”,

My forth is a preposition,

My whole is the capital of a state.

(Wash – ing – t –on)

Now – plays!
(Звучить вальс.)

  1. Complete: Do you know what is it?

Yes, certainty, waltz. By the way, slow waltz was born in England. Have you heard

such a name Waltz- Boston? It is from English.

Several other dances also bear English names. So now you will listen

to the music, dance (yes, perform a dance) and afterwards tell what dance

you have performed (and what that word means in English).

Ready, steady, go!

По черзі виконуються мелодії:

  1. Rocknroll – буквальний переклад «покачуватись та перекочуватись»;

  2. Quickstep – швидкий крок;

  3. Shake – трясти (сь).

Після кожної мелодії запитати, що учасники танцювали, і від чого походить назад.

  1. For our next task I will need a boy and girl from each team. The boy will sit on the chair. His eyes will be blinded with a scarf. The girl will get a card with commands written on it. She will read and the boy should fulfil them. The first command is “stand up!” and the last is “Sit down!” If the boy cannot sit down, the girl may help him, but only with two more remarrs.

And the last command, nevertheless, will be “Sit down!” Is that clear?

5 steps


4 steps

4 steps

5 steps

Cards for girls

Stand up! Stand up!
Go 4 steps forward! Go 4 steps forwards!

Turn the right! Turn the left!

Go 5 steps! Go 5 steps!

Turn the right! Turn the left!

Go 4 steps! Go 4 steps!

Turn to the right! Turn to the left!

Go 5 steps! Go 5 steps!

Sit down. Sit down.

The floor is given to our jury. (Max. 4 points.) The total score is…

  1. Complete: And now our final task. Do you like to sing?

Certainly, you do! Do you like to sing English songs?

We’ll see it now.

Будьяка сучасна пісня англійською мовою.

Complete: So, for songs our honourable jury will give a maximum 5 points.

And while they are getting ready with a total score, the teams may sing

their songs.

I want to thank all those who helped to organize this party: the participants,

the jury, the fans, our teachers, pupils and our sponsors who prepared

tasty presents.

The total score of our contest is … in favour of…

But I think there are none who lost in this contest. Because (all together)

We All Love English!”

(Звучить музика.)

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