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Викторина "Что ты знаешь об англоязычных странах?"

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Quize (for 9-11 formers)

  1. The official languages of Canada are:

a)English and Spanish b) English and French c) German and Italian

  1. The capital of Australia is:

a)Sydney b) Melbourne c) Canberra

  1. The capital of the United States is:

a)New York b) Los Angeles c) Washington

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of the state:

a)Colorado b) Alaska c) California

  1. The princess called “The Queen of Hearts” is:

a) Margaret b) Anna c) Diana

  1. The name of the man who wrote the text of the Declaration of Independence is:

a)Theodore Roosevelt b) Thomas Jefferson c) Jimmy Carter

  1. The portrait of ………… we can see on 100$ banknote.

a) Bill Clinton b) Benjamin Franklin c) George Bush

  1. The official residence of the Queen of Great Britain is:

a) the Tower b)Westminster Abbey c) Buckingham Palace

  1. Statue of Liberty in harbour of New York was presented to the USA by:

a)France b) Great Britain c) Germany

  1. was the first president of the USA.

a)Theodore Roosevelt b) George Washington c) Ulysses S. Grant

  1. First world underground appeared in:

a)London b) New York c) Moscow

  1. The USA consists of:

a)40 states b) 60 states c) 50 states

  1. Official currency of Great Britain is:

a)pound (sterling) b) euro c) English dollar

  1. Department of Defense of the USA is called:

a)White House b) The Pentagon c) Empire State Building

Quize (for 5-8 formers)

  1. The UK consists of … countries.

    1. 2 b) 3 c) 4

  1. The capital of England is … .

a) London b) Edinburgh c) Cardiff

  1. The symbol of England is … .

    1. a red rose b) a thistle c) a daffodil

  1. The beefeater takes care of … in the Tower of London.

    1. ravens b) mice c) cats

  1. On the 25th of December the English people celebrate … .

    1. Easter b) Christmas c) New Year

  1. The flag of the UK is called … .

    1. St. George’s Cross b) the Union Jack c) Red Dragon

  1. The head of England is … .

    1. a king b) a queen c) a lord

  1. The national day of England is … .

    1. 23 May b) 23 April c) 23 August

  1. The official residence of the Queen of Great Britain is:

    1. the Tower b)Westminster c)Buckingham Palace

  1. Tower Clock, the symbol of London is called:

    1. Big Dan b) Big Ben c) Big Man

  1. London stands on the river … .

    1. Severn b) Clyde c) Thames

  1. The Westminster Abbey is … .

    1. a museum b) a church c) a palace

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