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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Викторина на открытый урок английского языка 6-7 класс
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  • Иностранные языки

Викторина на открытый урок английского языка 6-7 класс


Внеклассное мероприятие для недели иностранного языка в школе.

Добрый день уважаемые друзья!

Хочу предложить вашему вниманию игру-викторину для учащихся 7-8 классов.

Цель:- повысить интерес к изучению английского языка

- расширить кругозор учащихся

- развивать умения быстро и четко отвечать на поставленные вопросы

Вопросы задаются на английском языке. Вопросы для финала напечатаны на отдельных листах. Эти листочки свернуты и находятся в отдельном конверте (коробке и т.п.). Участник достает вопрос наугад и отвечает на него путем выбора ответа из 4-х предложенных. Выигрывает тот, кто дал больше правильных ответов. (Учитель должен иметь в запасе еще несколько вопросов на случай, если игроки дадут одинаковое количество правильных ответов).

  1. What is the main square in London? (Trafalgar Square).

  2. What is the name of the famous clock in London? (Big Ben).

  3. What is the name of the square in Moscow where you can see the Kremlin? (Red Square).

  4. Where is Khabarovsk situated – in the east or in the west of Russia? (in the east ).

  5. What city is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburg).

  6. What Russian city stands on the Neva River? (St. Petersburg).

  7. On what river does London stand? (The Thames).

  8. Where was William Shakespeare born? (in Stratford-upon-Avon).

  9. Is Brighton a town or a river? (a town).

  10. What is the British Queen’s name? (Elisabeth II).

  11. What is the name of the British Queen’s eldest son? (Charles).

  12. In what street does the British Prime Minister live? (Downing Street).

  13. What is a “double-decker”? (a bus).

  14. What monument is in the middle of Trafalgar Square? (the monument to Admiral Nelson).

  15. Which mountain is higher – Everest or Elbrus? (Everest).

  16. Which is bigger – France or Spain? (France).

  17. Where is the Eiffel Tower situated? (in Paris).

  18. Where is the Statue of Liberty? (in New York).

  19. What is the English for “тысяча”? (thousand).

  20. There are two most famous university-cities in the UK –Oxford and … ? (Cambridge).

  21. Was Ernest Hemingway a writer or a composer? (a writer).

  22. Who was the first cosmonaut in the world? (Y. Gagarin).

  23. What is the plural of “sheep”? (sheep).

  24. Is Britney Spears from the UK or from the USA? (USA).

  25. When do the British celebrate Christmas? (on the 25th of December).

  26. When do Russian people celebrate Christmas? (on the 7th of January).

  27. What holiday do we celebrate on the 14th of February? (St. Valentine’s Day).

  28. On what holiday do people dress as witches or ghosts? (Halloween).

  29. What is the symbol of England? ( red rose).

  30. What is the symbol of Northern Ireland? (Shamrock, a red hand).

  31. On what holiday do people give each other painted eggs? (at Easter).

  32. What is the name of the day after Christmas? (Boxing Day).

  33. When was the English Queen born – in April or in May? (in April).

  34. What colours does the Russian flag have? (white, blue, red).

  35. What is the capital of Russia? (Moscow).

  36. When did the Great Patriotic War begin? ( on the 22nd of June, 1942).

  37. When do we celebrate Victory Day? (on the 9th of May).

  38. What are summer months? (June, July, August).

  39. Is the thistle a plant or an animal? (a plant).

  40. Can tulips be black? (yes).

  41. Who lived in Sherwood forest? (Robin Hood).

  42. Who is the President of the Russian Federation?

  43. In what season do people ski? (in winter).

  44. Finish the proverb: East or West - … (home is best).

  45. What is the English for “сто”? (a hundred).

  46. -What is the Russian for “hungry” ? (голодный).

  47. What colour is snow? (white).

  48. What is the capital of France? (Paris).

  49. What is the name of the famous detective who lived in Baker Street? (Sherlock Holms).

  50. Who wrote about Tom Sawyer? (M. Twain).

  51. Are cucumbers fruit or vegetables? (vegetables).

  52. Do people wear boots or sandals in winter? (boots).

  53. In what city can we see the Hermitage? (in St. Petersburg).

  54. Which is correct – on Monday or in Monday?(on Monday).

  55. Who lives in Buckingham Palace? (the English Queen).

  56. What colour are London’s buses? (red).

  57. Who founded St. Petersburg? (Peter I).

  58. How many days are there in March? (31).

  59. Is the Earth round or square? (round).

  60. What is the largest country in the world? (Russia).

  61. What can we see at night – the moon or the sun? (the moon).

  62. How many seasons are there in a year? (4).

  63. What is the coldest season? (winter).

  64. What colour is the sun? (yellow).

  65. What animal has the longest neck? (the giraffe).

  66. When do people carry umbrellas – when it rains or when the sun shines? (when it rains).

  67. Do the English like drinking tea with milk or with lemon? (with milk).

  68. What do the English say when the clock shows 5.30 - it’s half past 5 or it’s half past 6?.(it’s half past 5)

  69. How many floors do English houses usually have? (2).

  70. What is Pushkin’s name? (Alexander Sergeyevich).

  71. Where do people go if they want to buy something? (to the shop or to the market).

  72. Where is Florida – in the USA or in Great Britain? (in the USA).

  73. What is the longest river in Europe? (the Volga).

  74. Is cricket a winter or summer sport? (summer).

  75. Where does the kangaroo live? (in Australia).

  76. How many sons does Elisabeth II have? (3).

  77. Who discovered America? (C. Columbus).

  78. Where did the Beatles come from? (Liverpool).

  79. Who wrote about Robinson Crusoe? (D. Defoe).

  80. How many years did Robinson Crusoe live on the island? (28).

  81. Is Scotland in the north or in the south of Great Britain? (in the north).

  82. Who is the author of the story “Капитанская дочка”? (A. S. Pushkin).

  83. What is the name of the famous American cartoon maker? (W. Disney).

  84. What is the 2nd form of the verb “begin”? (began).

  85. Which is correct – the money is on the table or the money are on the table? (is).

  86. Say the word “mouse” in the plural. (mice).

  87. What is the name of the Princess of Wales who died in a car crash in Paris? (Diana)/

  88. What is the name of the agent 007? (James Bond).

  89. What is the opposite of “big”? (small).

  90. What is the official name of Great Britain? (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

  91. What birds live in the tower of London? (black ravens).

  92. What is the symbol of Halloween? (a pumpkin).

  93. Is Snowdon a mountain or a lake? (a mountain).

  94. What is the most famous University in Russia? (Moscow University).

  95. Who founded Moscow University? (Peter I).

  96. Who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”? (W. Shakespeare).

  97. What is the capital of Germany? (Berlin).

  98. Is the temperature in summer below zero or above zero? (above zero).

  99. What animals bark? (dogs).

  100. What day of the week comes before Sunday? (Saturday).

  101. What day of the week comes after Wednesday? (Thursday).

  102. Which month of a year is the shortest? (February).

Вопросы на финал.

1. The Union Jack is…

a) the flag of the UK

b) the flag of Scotland

c) the flag of Wales

d) the flag of England.

2. Whitehall is…

a) a street leading from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament;

b) a big hall in the centre of London;

c) a white palace near Trafalgar Square;

d) the palace where the Queen lives in summer.

3. The Great Fire of London broke out in

a) 1066

b) 1766

c) 1106

d) 1666

4. Sir Christopher Wren built…

a) Buckingham Palace

b) Westminster Abbey

c) St. Paul’s Cathedral

d) The Tower of London.

5. The National Gallery is in …

a) Piccadilly Circus

b) Parliament Square

c) Trafalgar Square

d) Leicester Square

6. Westminster is a … centre of London.

a) cultural

b) political

c) business

d) industrial

7. Great Britain is separated from the continent by …

a) The Pacific Ocean

b) The Irish Sea

c) The Bristol Channel

d) The English Channel

8. The Head of state in Britain is …

a) The Prime Minister

b) The President

c) The Queen

d) The Speaker

9. The Christmas tree which is put in Trafalgar Square before Christmas is a present from …

a) Norway

b) France

c) Russia

d) Germany

10. London’s famous Zoo is in …

a) St. James’s Park

b) Regent’s Park

c) Hyde Park

d) Central Park.

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