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ИнфоурокДругоеКонспектыВикторина на тему:"Англо-говорящие страны."

Викторина на тему:"Англо-говорящие страны."

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Brain - ring questions ‘’English-speaking countries’’

  1. What is the capital of the Unit­ed Kingdom?

  1. What is the capital of Wales?

  1. What is the capital of Scot­land?

  2. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

  3. What is the capital of Austra­lia?

  4. What is the capital of New Zealand?

  1. What is the capital of the USA?

  2. What is the capital of Canada?

9. What color is the flag of the USA?

10. What color is the flag of New Zealand?

  1. What color is the flag of Aus­tralia?

  2. What is the national symbol of Scotland?

  3. What is the national symbol of Wales?

  4. What is the national symbol of England?

  5. What is the national symbol of Australia?

  6. What is the national symbol of America?

  7. Where is Great Britain situat­ed?

18. What is the area of the United Kingdom?

19. What is the official language in England?

20. What main rivers are there in Great Britain?

21. What does the British Parlia­ment consist of?

22. What are the main political par­ties in Great Britain?

23. When was the Communist Par­ty of Great Britain founded?

24. What are the main industrial centers in Great Britain?

25. Name the largest cities of Britain.

26. What do you know about the population of the U.K.?

27. What does the British nation consist of?

28. Who is the head of the Government?

29. What is the most activity in Britain?

30. What are the two large islands that lie to the north-west of Eu­rope?

31. What are the countries of the United Kingdom?

32.  Which of four countries is the biggest?

33.  Why do Scots, Welsh and Irish dislike when the UK is called England?

34. Are the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh called Celts?

35. What is the population of Wales?

36. Welsh and English are two dif­ferent languages, aren't they?

37. Are there any mountains in Wales?

38. What is the leading industry in Scotland?

39. What lake in Scotland is the best known?

40. Is Scotland large?

41. Who is the Prince of Wales?

42. What regions is Scotland divid­ed into?

43. What are the main industries in England?

44. When was an Act of Union be­tween Great Britain and Ireland signed?

45. What are the Welsh fond of?

46. What is the national drink in Britain?

47. The UK is an island country, isn’t it?

48. How many islands does the UK consist of?

49. What is London famous for?

50. Who has more real power in Britain?

51. Who was St .Paul’s Cathedral built by?

52. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the second largest church in Europe, isn’t it?

53. What do you know about Westminster Abbey?

54. What separates the country from the Continent?

55. Who rules the country?

56. Is Britain a monarchy?

57. What are the duties of the Queen?

58. Who discovered America?

59. Who lived in America before Columbus came?

60. Why were called Americans Indians?

61. When was a Civil War in the USA?

62. When did America become independent?

63. How many parties are there in the USA?

64. How big is the USA?

65. What is the population of the USA?

66. What oceans is the country washed by?

67. How many states are there in the USA?

68. Who is the head of the USA?

69. What is the main river in the USA?

70. Each state has its symbol, hasn’t it?

71. New York is the biggest city of America, isn’t it?

72. Why is America called a ‘’melting pot’’?

73. Who was the first President of the USA?

74. Who is the President now?

75. The American flag has fifty stripes, hasn’t it?

76. Is Alaska is the largest state of all 50 states?

77. Canada is the world’s second largest country, isn’t it?

78. Does Canada have one of the highest living standards?

79. What does the Parliament in Canada consist of?

80. The leading cities in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, aren’t they?

81. Where is Australia situated?

82. Australia’s climate is dry and warm, isn’t it?

83. What is the population in Australia?

84. What main ports in Australia do you know?

85. New Zealand is rich in minerals, isn’t it?

86. How many people do live in New Zealand?

87. What is the population of Ireland?

88. People call Ireland the “Emerald Isle’’, don’t they?

89. When is “Guy Fawkes” Day celebrated in Britain?

90. Who is the author of novel ‘’Jane Eyre’’?

91. What do you know about Robert Burns?

92 .Who is the author of ‘’Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’’?

93. What do you know about Agatha Christie?

94. Who is the author of Robinson Crusoe?

95. When is St. Valentine’s Day celebrated?

96. What holiday in Britain is the most important?

97 When is Christmas celebrated in Britain?

98. What is the traditional British Christmas food?

99. When is Halloween celebrated in America?

100. When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated in America?

Answers to the questions.

1. London.

2. Cardiff.

  1. Edinburgh.

  2. Belfast.

  3. Canberra.

  4. Wellington.

  5. Washington.

  6. Ottawa.

  7. Red, blue, white.

  8. Red, white, blue.

  9. Blue, red, white.

  10. A thistle.

  11. A daffodil.

  12. A red rose.

  13. The kangaroo and emu.

  14. The bald eagle.

  15. In Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

  16. 94,249 square miles.

  17. English.

  18. Severn and Thames.

  19. The House of Lords and the House of Commons.

  20. The Lab our Party, the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party.

  21. In 1920.

  22. Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham.

  23. London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast.

  24. Nearly 60 million.

  25. The English, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish.

  26. The Prime Minister.

  27. Watching TV, driving in a car.

  28. Great Britain and Ireland.

  29. England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland.

  30. England.

  31. They are proud of their countries and like being different.

  32. Yes, they are.

  33. 2 million.

  34. Yes, they are.

  35. Yes, there are a lot of mountains in Wales.

  36. Shipbuilding is the leading industry in Scotland

  37. Loch Ness.

  38. No, it isn’t.

  39. Prince Charles is.

  40. The Highlands, the Lowlands and the Southern Uplands.

  41. The wool industry, heavy machinery, the cotton industry, shipbuilding.

  42. In 1800.

  43. Folk music, singing and poetry.

  1. Tea.

  2. Yes, it is.

  3. 5500 islands.

  4. Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, West Minster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament.

  5. The House of Commons.

  6. By Christopher Wren.

  7. Yes it is.

  8. One of the most famous royal churches, where the famous people in Britain have been buried there.

  9. The English Channel and Strait of Dover

  10. The Queen Elizabeth II.

56. Yes it is.

57. To rule the country.

  1. Columbus.

  2. Indians.

  3. Columbus thought that the main land was called India.

  4. In 1861-1865.

  5. In 1776.

63. Two political parties: Democratic and Republican.

64. It is one the biggest countries in the world.

65. 250 million

66. Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

67. 50 states.

68. The President.

69. Mississippi.

70. Yes, it has.

71. Yes, it is.

72. People of very many nationalities live there.

73. George Washington.

74. Barak Obamo.

75. No, it hasn’t. It has 13 stripes.

76. Yes, it is.

77. Yes, t is.

78. Yes it has.

79. The House of Commons and the Senate.

80. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver.

81. In the south west of the Pacific Ocean

82. Yes, it is.

83. About 20 million.

84. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

85. Yes it is.

86. Over 3, 5 million.

87. Over 1, 6 million.

88. Yes, they do.

89. On fifth of November.

90. Charlotte Bronte.

91. A Scottish poet.

92. Carroll Lewis.

93. A famous English writer.

94. Daniel Defoe.

95. On fourteenth of February.

96. Christmas.

97. On twenty fourth of December.

98. Christmas Pudding.

99. On October, 31.

100. On the fourth Tuesday in November by Act of Congress in1941.

Краткие рекомендации к проведению викторины «Англо - говорящие страны»

для учащихся 11-х классов

Цели: 1. Приобщить учащихся к культуре , традициям стран изучаемого языка

2. Развивать умения выходить из положения в условиях дефицита языковых средств при получении и передаче информации.

3. Развивать умения учащихся участвовать в беседе, используя межпредметные связи, т.е. дополнительные знания, полученные на уроках истории, литературы, мировой художественной культуры, географии.

ИТО: мультимедийный экран, картинки, магнитофон.

РS. Можно предложить послушать музыку в паузах, чтобы дети не утомлялись или посмотреть достопримечательности Лондона, Вашингтона. В конце викторины подводится итог, подсчитываются баллы, команда набравшая большее количество баллов награждается грамотой или благодарностью за участие в викторине. Лучшим участникам викторины можно поставить оценки в журнал или наградить ценными подарками.

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