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Викторина о Великобритании“Travelling to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland».

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Цели: Формирование коммуникативной компетентности у учащихся



  1. Стимулирование и мотивация интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка и культуры Великобритании.

  2. воспитывать у учащихся стремление к изучению английского языка;

  3. воспитывать уважение к культуре и традициям других народов.


  1. устанавливать межпредметную связь английского языка, музыки и географией

  2. развивать творческую фантазию, познавательный интерес, инициативу в осуществлении речевой деятельности.


  1. Повторение, обобщение и систематизирование учебного материала страноведческого характера по Великобритании (активизация имеющихся у учащихся знаний, полученных на уроках английского языка).

  2. расширять базовый уровень знаний учащихся о культуре Великобритании на основе лексико-грамматического и страноведческого материала;

  3. тренировать учащихся в применении лексики по теме в виде монологической речи;

  4. активизировать применение учебных умений и навыков в нестандартных условиях интеллектуальной игры

ход мероприятия

  1. введение

Good day girls and boys. I’m glad to see you. Today we have a game, which is called “Travelling to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland».

The official name of the country whose language we study is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, some people say “Great Britain”, or “the United Kingdom”, or just “the UK” and “GB”.

There is the Atlantic Ocean on the north and the North Sea on the east. The English Channel, which is about 21 miles, separates the UK from the continent. There are four countries in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island.

And now it is time to meet with our teams and guests.

  1. Знакомство с командами и гостями

  1. Captains, please, introduce your teams

  • Название команды

  • Девиз команды

  • Участники команды

  1. Let’s meet with our guests.

Tom, please, tell us about yourselves and your country. (England)


I am from England. London is the capital of England. The symbol of England is a Rose. The national flag is Saint George’s Cross of England.

I want to tell you about London. It is a very beautiful city. I'm sure that visitors to London often prefer to travel by bus, because they can see a lot of interesting places from the top of a double-decker.

The famous river Thames runs through London. Tourists can visit the Tower of London. It was built in the 11th century. It was a fortress, a royal palace and later a prison. Now the Tower of London is a museum. Across the Thames there is Tower Bridge.

Buckingham Palace is the London home of the British Queen. When the flag is flying on the top, she is at home.

Tourists can also visit Trafalgar Square, where people from all parts of London celebrate New Year.

There a lot of parks and gardens in London. In Regent’s Park there is the London Zoo, one of the biggest zoos in the world.

Certainly visitors can see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the most famous clocks in the world.

Westminster Abby is a royal church. Here you can see tombs of many British Kings and queens and other famous people. The second famous church is St. Paul’s Chathedral.

The London Eye is the largest observation wheel in the world.

Mary, please, tell us about yourselves and your country.(Scotland)


I am from Scotland. In the northwest Scotland is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the northeast it is washed by the North Sea.

The national emblem of Scotland is a thistle. And the national flag is Saint Andrew's Cross.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. It was built on seven hills. There are a lot of beautiful lakes in Scotland. But the most famous of them are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. The lake “Loch Ness” is famous all over the world because of a water monster Neisse that lives there.

The greatest mountain is Ben Nevis.

It’s also famous for its Bagpipes and Kilts. The Kilt is a national costume that men and women wear.

Kate, please, tell us about yourselves and your country.(Wales)


I am from Wales. It is the smallest country in the United Kingdom. The population of Wales is 3 million people. In the west Wales is washed by the Irish Sea and in the east it borders on England.

The national emblem of Wales is a yellow daffodil and the national flag is white and green with red dragon on it.

The capital of Wales is Cardiff. The largest cities are Swansea and New Port . One of the biggest mountains is Snowdon. People like walking and climbing there. You can see beautiful lakes, waterfalls and caves. If you go to Wales, you'll see Eisteddfod. Wales is a country of music and song. Every year there is a competition to name the best poets, writers and musicians in the country.

Wales is the country of castles. In 1301 Edward the First made his son Prince of Wales. And today Queen Elizabeth Second’s son, Charles is the Prince of Wales.

Ann, please, tell us about yourselves and your country.( Northern Ireland)


I am from Northern Ireland. It's the fourth country in the UK. It is situated in the north east of Ireland. The population of Northern Ireland is 2 million people.

The national symbol is a green shamrock and a red hand. The national flag is Saint Patrick's Cross

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. This land is a very special with its beautiful lakes, mountains and green fields. Rain makes grass so green that Ireland is called “Emerald Isle”.

St.Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

The Irish are good at telling stories and they like a good joke.

If you go to the country, you will see the Giant Causeway. The giant causeway has 40 000 columns. The legend says that the giant Finn McCool loved a lady giant from an island near Scotland. He began to build this causeway to bring her to Ireland.

  1. Ход игры

Let’s start our game. Try to remember all information, which you have known about the UK. You’ll

have limited time to do each task. You’ll get one leaf for each correct answer. Team will win, if it

gets leaves more than other.

  1. Раунд №1: Geography

  1. What is the official name of Great Britain?

1. England

2. Britain

3. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  1. What countries does the UK consist of?

1. Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales

2. Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales

3. Britain, England, Wales, Scotland

  1. What is the Severn?

1. City

2. Mountain

3. River

  1. What separates the UK from Europe?

1. The Pacific Ocean

2. The English Channel

3. The Atlantic Ocean

  1. Whose symbol is it?

1. Wales

2. Scotland

3. England

6) What is the river in London?

1. Thames

2. London

3. Avon

  1. Relaxation (шуточные сценки)

Scene 1.

Mary: Don’t bother me, Ben. I’m writing a letter to my girlfriend.

Ben: But why are you writing so slowly?

Mary: She can’t read very fast.

Scene 3.

Junior: Dad, do you think you can write in the dark?

Dad: Of course, I can, Son.

Junior: Then turn off the light and sign my report card.

  1. Раунд №2: Sights of London

  1. What is the home of the Queen?

1. Buckingham Palace

2. the White House

3. Westminster Abbey

  1. Nelson’s Column is in:

1. Downing Street

2. Piccadilly Circus

3. Trafalgar Square

9) Where did Sherlock Holmes live?

1. in the House of Parliament

2. 10 Downing Street

3. Baker Street

10) What is the nickname of London's Underground?

1. Metro

2. Subway

3. The Tube

11) What colour are the buses in London?

1. blue

2. red

3. black

12) Where is Big Ben?

1. a bell

2. a palace

3. a square

  1. Relaxation

The game is bobbing for apples. One child at a time has to get apples from tub of water without using hands! How? By sinking his or her face into the water and biting the apple!

  1. Раунд №3: traditions and customs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

13) The symbol of this holiday is "Jack o'lantern. People make it from a pumpkin.

Children put on witch’s and ghost’s dresses. They go “trick or treat.


14) Musical question! Guess this holiday.


15) This is a national holiday in Ireland. On that day people wear a shamrock. It is the

national symbol of Ireland. (St. Patrick Day)

16) People send cards to someone they love. Usually they don’t sing them – you must

guess who sent cards to you.

(St. Valentine’s Day)

17) Musical question! The Famous English Group

(the Beatles)

18) English children like this day very much. They play jokes and tricks on other people,

even on teachers.

(April Fool’s Day)

  1. Relaxation

Your classmates have a musical present for us. (дети исполняют песню Im a nut)

  1. Подведение итогов:

Let’s count your leaves.

The winner is team “ “

Irish girl: Just a minute! We think that you like sweets and we have a sweet present for you.

(гости из Великобритании угощают всех конфетами: зеленые, красные, желтые и разноцветные)

Our game is over. It’s time to say thank you to everybody. Good-bye.

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