Инфоурок Другое КонспектыВикторина по английскому языку "The smartest" в 6 классе

Викторина по английскому языку "The smartest" в 6 классе

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Игра – викторина по английскому языку

для 6 класса

«Путешествие в страну английского языка»

Цель: формирование языковой компетенции на уроке английского языка,

закрепление имеющихся знаний в области английского языка посредством игровой ситуации.



актуализация знаний учащихся по изученным темам.

- повышать познавательный интерес учащихся к языку через использование игровых моментов;

- закрепить умение употребления в речи разговорной речи;

- обучение навыкам восприятия на слух иностранных слов;

-  активизация навыков и умений в говорении, аудировании, устной и письменной речи.


- развитие творческих способностей и коммуникативных навыков

- повышение  мотивации к изучению английского языка у учащихся

развитие внимания и памяти

- развивать умение работать в группе.


- умение работать в сотрудничестве с другими;

- воспитывать уважительное отношение к другой культуре.

Ход мероприятия

Приветствие участников викторины. Пояснение  правил

-Good afternoon children.

-How  are you today?

-I am glad to see you.

-Today is a special day. Today is a special lesson. Today we are going to play.

-So, let’s start our work.

-So,we have 2 groups :Boys  and Girls

And  now, answer my questions



1. Какая английская буква самая хвастливая ?(I)

2. Какой буква утоляет нашу жажду ? (T)

3. С чего начинается лето в Англии?(S)

4.Какая  буква пристаёт ко всем с вопросом: почему,   


 5.Какая буква никогда не устаёт

     радостно  восклицать? ( O)

6.Какая буква всё время ТЫкает и ВЫкает ?(U)


2. тур «Блиц - опрос»

What is the first day in English calendar? (Sunday)

What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)

When is Christmas celebrated? (25.12)

What holiday has a symbol as the pumpkin? (Halloween)

Who is the president in the USA now?(Donald Tramp)

What is the favourite drink in Britain?


тур «Расшифруй»

Halloween - eHwlenaol

English  - nlEishg

House - oseHu

Name - amNe

London - oLdonn

Clock – Ccolk


4тур «Лучший чтец»

Участник каждой команды читает подготовленное заранее стихотворение.

5.тур  «Музыкальный»

Complete the text with the words

The song Whitney Houston «I Will Always Love You»

If I
Should stay
I would only be in your way
So I'll go
But I know
I'll think of you every step of
The way
And I...
Will always
Love you, oohh
Will always
Love you
My darling you
That is all I'm taking with me
So good-bye
Please don't cry
We both know I'm not what you
You need
And I...
Will always love you
Will always love you
You, ooh



6. тур «Знаток пословиц и поговорок»

Ведущий читает английский вариант пословиц, а команды должны перевести их

No new – is a good new Отсутствие вестей - хорошая весть

Live and learn Векжививекучись

Health is better than wealth Здоровьедорожебогатства

It’s never too late to learn Учитьсяникогданепоздно

A bird may be known by its song. .Видна птица по полёту

7 тур «Я знаю английский»

Каждая команда выбирает свою тему методом жеребьёвки. По очереди команды называют слова по своей теме. Побеждает тот, на ком остановится игра.


-  food

-  sport

-  weather

-  holidays

-  clothes

-  animals

VIII тур «Вопрос - ответ»:

Вопросынатему: What do you know about Great Britain?


1.     What is the main square in London?  (Trafalgar Square).

2.     What is the name of the famous clock in London? (Big Ben).

3.     What is the name of the square in Moscow where you can see the Kremlin? (Red Square).

4.      What river does london stand on? (The Thames).

5.     What is the British Queen’s name? (Elisabeth II).

6.     What is a “double-decker”? (a bus).

7.     Which is bigger – France or Spain? (France).

8.     Where is the Eiffel Tower situated? (in Paris).

9.     What is the English for “тысяча”? (thousand).

10. There are two most famous university-cities in the UK –Oxford and … ? (Cambridge).

11. Was Ernest Hemingway a writer or a composer? (a writer).

12. What is the symbol of England? ( red rose).

13. What is the symbol of Northern Ireland? (Shamrock, a red hand).

14. When was the English Queen born – in April or in May? (in April).

15. What colours does the Russian flag have? (white, blue, red).

16. What is the capital of Russia? (Moscow).

17. When do we celebrate Victory Day? (on the 9th of May).

18. What are summer months? (June, July, August).

19. Who is the President of the Russian Federation?

20. Finish the proverb: East or West  - … (home is best).

21. What is the English for  “сто”? (a hundred).

22. What is the Russian for “hungry” ? (голодный).

23. What colour is snow? (white).

24. What is the capital of France? (Paris).

25. What is the name of the famous detective who lived in Baker Street? (Sherlock Holms).

26. Who wrote about Tom Sawyer? (M. Twain).

27. Are cucumbers fruit or vegetables? (vegetables).

28. Do people wear boots or sandals in winter? (boots).

29. In what city can we see the Hermitage? (in St. Petersburg).

30. Which is correct – on Monday or in Monday?(on Monday).

31. Who lives in Buckingham Palace? (the English Queen).

32. What colour are London’s buses? (red).

33. Who founded St. Petersburg? (Peter I).

34. How many days are there in March? (31).

35. Is the Earth round or square? (round).

36. What is the largest country in the world? (Russia).

37. What can we see at night – the moon or the sun? (the moon).

38. How many seasons are there in a year? (4).

39. What is the coldest season? (winter).

40. What colour is the sun? (yellow).

41. What animal has the longest neck? (the giraffe).

42. When do people carry umbrellas – when it rains or when the sun shines? (when it rains).

43. Do the English like drinking tea with milk or with lemon? (with milk).

44. What do the English say when the clock shows 5.30 - it’s half past 5 or it’s half past 6?.(it’s half past 5)

45. How many floors do English houses usually have? (2).

46. What is Pushkin’s name? (Alexander Sergeyevich).

47. Where do people go if they want to buy something? (to the shop or to the market).

48. Where is Florida – in the USA or in Great Britain? (in the USA).

49. What is the longest river in Europe? (the Volga).

50. Is cricket a winter or summer sport? (summer).

51. Where does the kangaroo live? (in Australia).

52. How many sons does Elisabeth II have? (3).

53. Who discovered America? (C. Columbus).

54. Where did the Beatles come from? (Liverpool).

55. Who wrote about Robinson Crusoe? (D. Defoe).

56. How many years did Robinson Crusoe live on the island? (28).

57. Is Scotland in the north or in the south of Great Britain? (in the north).

58. Who is the author of the story “Капитанская дочка”? (A. S. Pushkin).

59. What is the name of the famous American cartoon maker? (W. Disney).

60. What is the 2nd form of the verb “begin”? (began).

61. Which is correct – the money is on the table or the money are on the table? (is).

62. Say the word “mouse” in the plural. (mice).

63. What is the name of the Princess of Wales who died in a car crash in Paris? (Diana)/

64. What is the name of the agent 007? (James Bond).

65. What is the opposite of “big”? (small).

66. What is the official name of Great Britain? (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

67. What birds live in the tower of London? (black ravens).

68. What is the symbol of Halloween? (a pumpkin).

69. Is Snowdon a mountain or a lake? (a mountain).

70. What is the most famous University in Russia? (Moscow University).

71. Who founded Moscow University? (Peter I).

72. Who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”? (W. Shakespeare).

73. What is the capital of Germany? (Berlin).

74. Is the temperature in summer below zero or above zero? (above zero).

75. What animals bark? (dogs).

76. What day of the week comes before Sunday? (Saturday).

77. What day of the week comes after Wednesday? (Thursday).

78. Which month of a year is the shortest? (February).









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