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Викторина по английскому языку для 5 класса "Let's check up your knowledge"

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Викторина по английскому языку “Lets check up your knowledge” (5 класс)

  1. Answer the questions (1 point for each right answer).

  1. How old are you?

  2. What’s your phone number?

  3. What season is it now?

  4. What month is it now?

  5. Do you like English?

  6. Can you play chess?

  7. What is the capital of England?

  8. What is the capital of the USA?

  9. What’s the weather like today?

  10. What day is it today?

  11. Are you a teacher?

  12. Are you a pupil?

  1. Match the words to make up combinations (2 points).



The Tower of








The Houses of




  1. Fill in the gaps (1 point).

London is the 1) ________ of the UK. There are a lot of places to 2) ______ there. One of the most popular sights in England is Big 3) _________. It’s a big bell which weighs 13,720 4) ______. The head of the country is the 5) _________ Elizabeth II.






  1. Complete the sentences with am, is, are (1 point).

1. I _____ in the third form.

2. He ____ eight.

3. They ____ teachers.

4. We _____ at school.

5. Where ___ you?

6. ____ you at home?

7. Why ___ you laughing?

8. __ it a dog?

9. What ____ she doing?

10. She ____ very pretty.


  1. Do the test (1 point).

  1. London stands on the river

  1. Volga

  2. Rhein

  3. Nil

  4. Thames

  1. Queen Elizabeth’s home is ______

  1. The Tower of London

  2. Westminster Abbey

  3. The Houses of Parliament

  4. Buckingham Palace

  1. The famous British clock Big Ben stands near

a) The Houses of Parliament

b) St. Paul’s Cathedral

c) Buckingham Palace

d) The Tower of London

4) The Changing of the Guard takes place in

a) Westminster Abbey

b) Buckingham Palace

c) The Tower of London

d) The Houses of Parliament

  1. Complete the sentences with the proper form of adjectives (1 point).

  1. In summer the days are __________ than in winter. (short)

  2. Jack is __________ than Tom. ( tall)

  3. George is ______________ boy in our class. (tall)

  4. Giraffes are big, but elephants are__________ .(big)

  5. My sister likes cats, but I think dogs are __________. (nice)

  6. It is _________ in autumn than in summer.(cold)

  7. I think monkeys are __________ animals in the world. (funny)

  8. PE is ______________ lesson at school. (good)

  1. Make up a sentence from the words (1 point).

  1. house, big, is, my

  2. like, cats, I, dogs, and

  3. am, a doctor, I

  4. can, a boy, well, draw

  5. is, his, friend, a student

  6. not, is, our, this, car

  1. Read the text and mark sentences True or False (1 point).

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your letter. We had a great holiday. We lived in the town. There was a park, a castle and some lovely gardens there. People were friendly to us. We stayed at the hotel. It was nice.

I liked the holiday so much, because we did just what we wanted to do: sleeping, eating, swimming and playing games. The sea was rather warm so we swam often and we spent a lot of time on the beach. The food was lovely, too. We came back on Wednesday, August 28.

How did you spend your holiday?



1) Cathy is on holiday now.

2) There was a park in the place of the holiday.

3) They weren’t staying at a hotel.

4) They didn’t play games.

5) They swam a lot in the sea.

6) Cathy didn’t like the food.

7) Cathy came back in autumn.

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