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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыВикторина по английскому языку "Intellectual Game “ What? Where? When?”повторить и обобщить изученный материал по теме «Великобритания»,

Викторина по английскому языку "Intellectual Game “ What? Where? When?”повторить и обобщить изученный материал по теме «Великобритания»,


Intellectual Game “ What? Where? When?”

Цель: повысить учебную мотивацию при изучении английского языка.

Задачи: повторить и обобщить изученный материал по теме «Великобритания», проверить знания учащихся по изученным ранее грамматическим темам, расширить кругозор обучающихся. Использовать межпредметные связи, развивать языковую догадку, учить работать в команде.

( в рамках недели иностранного языка в школе - VII класс)

Ход игры.

Teacher: -T: Good afternoon, my friends! I am glad to greet you here today, the Intellectual Game “ What? Where? When?” Let me introduce our participants: they are the pupils of form 7, the Yellow Team and its captain…, and the Green Team and its captain… .

T:- Each team has to answer different questions and show their knowledge in geography and history, in culture and traditions of the UK and in English grammar too. But before the beginning you should find out the rules of the game. They are:

  • The game table is divided into 12 sectors. Each sector has a number of a question. You should turn the top to choose the question, the pointer on the top choose the number of the question. You can read and answer it.

  • If the pointer chooses the same sector twice, the question from the following clockwise sector is asked.

  • Each team should find the answer to the question in a minute.

  • If the team answer the question rightly, they score a point.

  • If the team answer the question wrongly, they don’t score a point.

  • The teams have the right to answer the question without a minute of discussion. If this answer will be recognized correct, the team receives “ An Additional Minute” for discussion, which can be used for answering another question of the game.

  • The players can use “ The Help of Experts” after the basic minute of discussion if they need it. The Experts have 20 seconds to give their opinions. After that the team has to answer.

  • There is the sector “BLITZ” on the game table. There are 3 questions in this sector, which should be answered in a minute. The team should answer all three questions correctly to win the sector “BLITZ”.

  • There is a sector “SUPERBLITZ” on the table. There are 3 questions in this sector, too. Only one player can sit at the game table (chosen by the captain of the team). He should find answer to 3 questions in a minute. The player should answer all 3 questions correctly to win this sector.

  • The teams can’t use “ The Help of Experts” when they have to answer the questions of “BLITZ” “SUPERBLITZ”.

  • The game goes up to 6 points. The winner of the game becomes the team that scores 6 points.

So, let’s begin! Good luck! I’d like the Yellow\ the Green to be the first at the game table!

Игра первой команды.

Question 1.- What is the picture? How is this plant connected with Great Britain? hello_html_m500f572.jpg (a thistle, the national hello_html_m2e6735bb.jpg emblem of Scotland)

2.- Continue the following sentence: Paella (паэлла) is the national food of … ? hello_html_m1391ff74.jpg (Spain )

3.- (super blitz ) a) How do we call the people who live in Turkey? - (-The Turks )

b) What is the capital of Spain? - ( Madrid )

c ) Translate into English: - Он, бывало, помогал ей делать домашнее задание. - He used to help her (to) do her homework)

4.- What does “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” mean?- (Кто рано ложится, и рано встает, будет здоров, богат и умен. Кто рано встает, тому бог дает.)

5. –What is the cheapest way to get to Britain? ( by bus )

6 – Find the Russian equivalent for the proverb: Make hay while the sun shines. - (Куй железо, пока горячо.)

7- Virtus non Stemma. Honor sit et baculum et ferula. - Where can you see these words? ( They are mottos of old public schools in Britain; you can see them on coats of arms of the schools).

8 – ( blitz ) A)Who was Christopher Wren ? - hello_html_m69b433d4.jpg ( The famous architect who built St. Paul’s Cathedral )

B) When was the Great Fire of London? –

(In 1666 )

C) What is Salisbury famous for?

hello_html_60047701.jpg(Stonehenge is situated there)

9.- What is it? There were an Old man on a hill? Who seldom, if, ever, stood still; He ran up and down, hello_html_m136098ad.jpg In his Grandmothers’ gown, Which adorned that Old Man on a hill. (A limerick - a short funny nonsense poem of 5 verses.)

10- What is the name of museum in London where you can see these exhibits? hello_html_552c3a5a.jpg ( The National History museum )

11- This building was a fortress, a castle, a royal palace, a prison and a zoo. What is this?

hello_html_m172d592d.jpg( The Tower of London )

12- (Чёрный ящик) You can find the most popular British drink in the Black Box. Name it. - (English Tea ) hello_html_m3a5a8d12.jpg

Музыкальная пауза

Игра второй команды.

Question 1- Where is the beginning of the Earth? ( The beginning of the Earth is in London, where the Prime meridian is )

2 – Which is these older: Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids? –

hello_html_m110247b8.jpghello_html_67fba404.jpg(Stonehenge is more older than the Egyptian pyramids)

3- Why is the Globe so famous? hello_html_m7435df9a.jpg

( The famous British playwright W. Shakespeare wrote his plays for it and acted on bits stage )

4- Point to the national flag of England.


( The national flag of England is on the right; it’s called St. Georges Cross. The other flag is the flag of the UK )

5 – Find the Russian equivalent for the proverb: The other mans grass is always greener. (Везде хорошо, где нас нет. В чужом огороде капуста вкуснее. )

6- (blitz ) a) When do the British sing carols? - ( At the Christmas Eve ) hello_html_5ecd6780.jpg

b)- Who was the first cosmonaut in the world? - Yuri Gagarin in Sowjetunion -1961) hello_html_1faf0300.jpg

c)– Find a mistake in the sentence: There are an album and forty pencils on my table. - ( There is … )

7 - What is in the picture? How is this plant connected with Great Britain? ( The daffodil, the symbol of Wales ) hello_html_7355d848.jpg

8 - (super blitz ) a)Is McKinley an Irish, a Scottish, an English or a Welsh surname? What does “Mac” mean ? ( It’s a Scottish surname that means “ the son of”)

b) Translate into English : - Я живу на первом этаже. - I live on the first floor. )

с) When can hear the words: “Trick or treat!” ? - hello_html_7c7ae3d2.gif

(At Halloween time)

9 –Which of this sentences is right? A- My car is the most fastest.

B - The red ball is nicer than the blue one.

C – This book isn’t as expensive than that is.

10 - (Чёрный ящик ) There is something in the Black Box that British children need to ask Santa Clause for presents. hello_html_m76e36d6e.jpg ( a sheet –лист бумаги- of paper )

11 - Who are these men and where can you see them? hello_html_3bab767c.jpg

( They are Beefeaters, you can see them in the Tower of London )

12- The black cats bring good luck or bad luck according to superstitious beliefs in Britain? - hello_html_19aae823.jpg ( They bring good luck.)

Подведение итогов. Объявление победителей.

Teacher: - So, our game is over. It has been great! The team … has won by (two ) points. The team … is the winner today! Our congratulations!


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