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Викторина по английскому языку на тему "США - взгляд со стороны" для учащихся 10 классов

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                             The first task of the competition.

Teacher: The competition consists of several tasks.

                 The first task of the competition is:

Answer the questions about the USA. If your answer is right the team will get 1 point.

If your answer is wrong you’ll get 0. After listening to the question the members of the team can consult with each other for 30 seconds.

                        I                                                                      II


1.What city is the capital of the USA?             1.What river is the capital situated on?                                                                                 ( Washington in the District of Columbia).         ( the Potomac river ).

2.Who discovered America and when did        2.What are the first settlers who came to America

  it happen? (Christopher Columbus, on               in 1620 called?(they are known as the

  October 12, 1492).                                             “Pilgrim Fathers”).

3.What state is the largest in the USA?             3.What is the name of the American flag?

   ( Alaska, in North America ).                              ( “Stars and Stripes”).

4.What is the main figure in the national          4.Who is the head of the state and the

   emblem of the USA? ( the Bald Eagle ).           Government?( the President ).

5.Give the nickname of the USA                      5.What is the largest city in America?

   government. (“Uncle Sam”).                             ( New York ).

6.What sport is very popular in the                   6.What university is the oldest one in America?

   USA? (baseball).                                               (the Harvard University opened in 1636).

7.What is the monetory unit of the USA?         7.Name the first president of the USA.

   (dollar).                                                             (George Washington).

                             The second task of the competition.

Teacher: I see you know the main and the most important facts about the USA. It’s great.

                Let’s do the following task. You know America is often called “a melting pot”or

                “mixed salad” because people from all over the world have mixed together to

                create modern American society. Of course, the Americans are very proud of

                their traditions, customs and habits.

                The second task of the competition is:

Tell the rival team about any American tradition, custom, president. The rival team should listen to the story and guess.

The 1-st team: They say ghosts and witches come out on this holiday. Children make lanterns out of pumpkins. A lot of people have parties and dress as witches and ghosts.It’s celebrated on the 31-st of October. ( Hallowe’en ).

The 2-nd team: This day has been a customary day for choosing sweet-hearts and exchanging love cards. There is a legend of how this day began. It is celebrated on the 14-th of February.(St.Valentine’s Day).

The 1-st team: He first served his country in the colonial wars.His record as commanding general in the American Revolution made him the loved leader of the new nation. In 1789 he was inaugurated president in New York city.

His foreign policy was to keep out of quarrels abroad. He was the president during 8 years.

He refused to run for a third term. In 1797 he retired to Mount Vernon, where he died on December 14, 1799. The name of the city was given in his honour. (George Washington).                                                 The 2-nd team: He was the first President born in the 20-th century. He was the 44-th president of the USA. He graduated from Harvard University in 1940. He served in United States House of Representatives, and in Senate. In 1960 he was elected as a president. His assassination in November of 1963 shocked the world. But his death was not the end-it was only the beginning.( John Kennedy ).

                                     The third task of the competition.

Teacher: America is a very big country which has a lot of different places of interest. It is

                famous for its monuments, well-known buildings and other sights.

                The third task is:

Each team must choose 3 cards, where the names of some of the sights are written and speak about them.

The sights are the following:


2.the White House.

3.the Statue of Liberty.

4.”The Pencil”



1.Disneyland is a large amusement park for children in Southern California created by the famous  American film producer Walt Disney in 1955.

2.The White House is the official home of the President of the USA where he works and lives.

3.The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom in America. It is a bronze figure(almost 46 m.high) of a woman holding up a torch on Liberty Island in New York Harbor which is a gift from the French government sent to America in 1884.

4.’’The Pencil’’ is the name of the tall column in Washington, D.C. that is the Washington Monument built in honour of the first President of the USA.

5.Congress is the parliament of the USA which has its seat in the Capitol.

6.Hollywood is associated with the US film industry, it is situated not far from Los Angeles. It is the world-famous centre of films.

                                The fourth task of the comprtition.

Teacher: The task is:

 Both teams should take the cards and write American English words to the following British English words: 

                                                British English


1)the cinema; 2)football; 3)flat; 4)bisquit; 5)form; 6)trousers; 7)holiday; 8)autumn;


9)sweet; 10)shop; 11)tin; 12)trainers.            

                                             American English ( answers )


1)movies; 2)soccer; 3)apartment; 4)cookie; 5)grade; 6)pants; 7)vocation; 8)fall;

9)candy; 10)store; 11)can; 12)sneakers.

                                         Подведение итогов.









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