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Викторина по английскому языку (страноведение) "Do you know ....?"

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Do you know Great Britain?”

How many parts are there in Great Britain?

What river is the capital situated on?

Who is the head of the country?

What is the home of the Queen?

What is the double-decker?

What is Big Ben?

What is the symbol of England?

Where did the detective Sherlock Holmes live?

What is the most famous lake in Scotland?

Why is the city Bath called so?

Who is the most famous woman-writer of detective stories?

What books of English writers do you know?

What is the oldest part of London?

What is the symbol of Scotland?

What is the symbol of Wales?

What is the Scottish national costume?

What is the national instrument of Scots?

When do British people celebrate Christmas?

Who wrote about Winnie the Pooh?

Who is the writer of “Mary Poppins”?

Who is the author of books about Harry Potter?

Can you guess:

He was English. He was born in 1564. He was a writer and actor. (W. Shakespeare)

He was born in London. Then he lived in the USA. He was a film actor (Ch. Chaplin)

He conquered Great Britain. He was a king. He built the Tower of London (William the Conqueror)

Put these holidays in the correct order:

a) New Year’s Day,

b) April Fool’s Day,

c) St. Valentine’s Day,

d) Christmas

Викторина для 9 - 11 классов

Do you know the USA?”

What is the name of the Dutch settlement which became New York City?

Which country presented the USA with the statue of Liberty? What was the occasion?

In which famous place do people in New York City celebrate New Year’s Day?

Which American rock-and-roll star lived in Memphis, Tennessee?

What monument in Washington D.C. dedicated to an American President is nicknamed “The Pencil”?

What is the name of the famous collection of museums in Washington?

Explain the symbolism of the stars and stripes on the US flag.

On what river is the capital of the USA situated?

Where does the President of the USA live and work?

Which is the biggest state in the USA?

Who was the 1st President of the USA?

What do the Americans celebrate on the 4th of July?

In which city is Hollywood?

What street in New York is called “The Great White Way”?

What is the highest building in Washington?

Who was the 1st President lived in the White House?

What is the largest city in the USA?

In which state do the highest trees in the world grow? What are they called?

Which is the smallest state in the USA?

Who is the President killed by Oswald?

The first colonists started the tradition of a) Halloween, b) Independence Day, c) Thanksgiving Day, d) Memorial Day.

Who was the 42d President: a) Clinton, b) Kennedy, c)Johnson, d) Washington

Викторина для учащихся 9-11 классов

Do you know Australia?”

What kind of state is Australia?

Who is the Head of Government?

Who is the Head of the State?

What colour is the flag of Australia?

Which are the national colours?

Where is the seat of the state government located?

How many chambers are there in the Australian Parliament?

Which city was the capital of Australia till 1917?

What are the languages in Australia?

What animals can be seen on Australia’s coat-of-arms?

Which is the hottest month of Australia?

Which is the highest point in Australia?

Which is the longest river in Australia?

What are the largest cities of Australia?

Who was the first European settles in Australia?

Who discovered Australia?

What is the official name of Australia?

When do the Australians celebrate Australia’s Day?

What does the name Canberra mean in the Aborigine language?

What can one find in Sydney and in London?

Who proposed the name of Australia?

How Canberra is often called?

Who was Melbourne?

Who was Brisbane?

In whose honour did they call the city of Sydney?

Who was Adelaide?

How do the Australians call their natural countryside?

When did the last full-blood Tasmanian Aborigine die?

What is the Pav?

Why do most children in Australia study through correspondence courses?

What is the largest sandstone monolith in the world?

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