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Викторина по английскому языку St.Valentine's Quiz

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St. Valentines’s Day Quiz

Roses are red, violets are blue, we know how Valentine’s Day got it’s name, do you?

  1. What date is Valentine’s Day?

  1. 15th of February

b) 8th of March

c) 14th of February

2. How do you spell 14th?

a) fourteenth

b) fourtienth

c) forteenth

3. Where did St.Valentine live?

a) in Great Britain

b) in Rome

c) in Greece

4. When St.Valentine was in prison, who did he fall in love with?

a) his prisoner’s daughter

b) his prisoner’s wife

c) his prisoner’s sister

5. The girl St.Valentine fell in love with was

a) deaf

b) blind

c) blind and deaf

6. According to a popular belief, why was St.Valentine beheaded?

a) because he ran away with emperor Claudius daughter

b) because he always in love with someone

c) because he secretly married young couples

7. Which Roman God is one of the symbols of St.Valentine’s Day?

a) Apollo

b) Cupid

c) Eros

8. What colour is associated with St.Valentine’Day?

a) purple

b) orange

c) red

9. What greeting is often said on this day?

a) Happy love life!

b) Happy Valentine’s Day!

c) Good luck!

10. Which are the most common flowers given on St.Valentine’s Day?

a) snowdrops

b) roses

c) sunflowers


Be active! Do the Quiz! Good luck!

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