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Викторина по английскому языку "Знаешь ли ты Англию"

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Игра проводится между двумя командами по 7 - 10 человек в каж­дой. Каждая команда перед игрой выбирает название и капитана.

Вопросы игры поделены на 6 тематических групп: история, геогра­фия, культура и традиции Великобритании, английские народные загадки и вопро­сы-сюрпризы. Выбор темы для ответа определяется при помощи ку­бика, на гранях которого написаны названия тем.

Каждая команда перед игрой получает «стартовый капитал» - 300 000 фунтов. Команды торгуются за право отвечать на вопрос по выпавшей теме. Торги происходят в форме аукциона. Выигравшая торги команда выбирает вопрос по данной теме и после тридцатисекундного обсуждения отвечает на него. Если ответ неверный, команда-соперник может попытаться ответить на тот же вопрос.

Игра продолжается даже в том случае, если у одной из команд не осталось денег, пока не будут исчерпаны все 18 вопросов (по 6 в каждом из 3-х туров). После каждого тура жюри объявляет промежу­точные результаты, а после последнего тура объявляется команда-по­бедитель и проводится награждение (вручение торта).

Выигрывает команда, потратившая меньше денег и заработавшая больше очков.

Состав участников:

  • игроки двух команд;

  • члены жюри;

  • ведущий-аукционист.


  • игральный кубик;

  • молоточек аукциониста;

  • 300.000 «фунтов»;

  • карточки с вопросами по темам;

  • приз (торт).

Ход игры:

Ведущий: Good afternoon! We are glad to greet you at our auction! First of all let me introduce our teams and our jury. There are two teams here today. The first one is called….. , and its captain is…. The 2-nd team is called… , and its captain is… The members of our jury are: …

Now listen to the rules of our auction. It consists of stages, each of them includes 6 questions. These questions deal with the English history, geog­raphy, culture and literature; there are some English folk riddles and some surprise questions.

Let's choose the 1-st theme (topic). This dice will help us to do it. (Ведущий бросает кубик и читает тему.) Oh, it is the English history! Do you like the English history? You do! So, if you want to have a question about the English history, you have to buy it.

So, the 1-st lot is the English history and the starting price is 10 thou­sand pounds. Who wants to buy it for 10.000 pounds? One, two, three – it is sold.

So, you've bought this question and you've bought the right to be the 1-st, to answer it. But if your answer is wrong, the other team could give their variant. Now, please, the captain, come to me and choose one of these cards.

So, your question is… And it costs (....) points. You have 30 seconds to discuss it.

  • What is your answer?

  • It's right (wrong ) and you've got your 1-st point today.

The next question will be about (бросает кубик)... literature! Who wants to have a question about literature? (и т. д.)

So, the final score is …. Let's congratulate the winners. Please, come to the jury to get your prize!

Thank you for the game. Thanks to our jury for their work. Good bye'


I. History

1) (4б.) Who were the first inhabitants of the British Isles?

- Iberians.

2) (3б.) What disaster did the whole England suffer from in the 14th century?

- The plague.

3) (5б.) Give the name of the only English king who was beheaded.

- Charles I (by Oliver Cromwell).

4) (5б.) What is the name - the patronymic and the surname - of the
present English Queen?

- Elisabeth George Windsor.

5) (4б.) What do the letters MP stand for?

- Member of Parliament.

II. Geography

1) (5б.) What are the Kingdoms of the UK and their capitals?

- England - London;

  • Scotland - Edinburgh; -Wales-Cardiff;

  • Northern Ireland - Belfast.

2) (3б.) What is the Lake District famous for?

- Lochness monster.

3) (4б.) Which river is associated with the name of W. Shakespeare?

- Avon (Stratford-on-Avon).

4) (5б.) What kingdom of the UK has the depiction of a dragon on its flag?

- Wales. .

5) (4б.) Who is the 'Architect of London'? Which is his best-known creation?

- Christopher Wren; St. Paul's Cathedral in London and the Sheldoni on Theatre in Oxford.

III. Culture and traditions.

1) (3б.) What is a 'bank holiday'?

- Bank holidays - the official days off, 'public holidays' are:

  1. New Year's Day.

  2. Good Friday.

  3. Easter Monday.

  4. May Day.

  5. Spring Bank Holiday.

  6. Summer Bank Holiday.

  7. Christmas Day.

  8. Boxing Day.

2) (5б.) What 3 articles were the first-footer was required to carry?

  1. a piece of coal to wish warmth;

  2. a piece of bread to wish food;

  3. a silver coin to wish wealth.

3) (5б.) What does the bagpipe look like? What sound does it produce?

  • The sound of the bagpipe is very stirring.

  • The old Highland clans used to go into battle to the sound of the bag­pipes.

  • The bagpipe consists of a reed pipe, 'the chanter', and a wind bag

which provides a regular supply of air to the pipe.

4) (4б.) What is the name for New Year's Eve in Scotland?

- Hogmanay.

5) (4б.) What is the tradition associated with the Tower of London?
Why are the ravens taken care of?

- The ravens whose forefathers used to find food in the Tower still live here as part of its history. There is a legend that some of the ravens disap­pear, the Tower will fall. That is why the birds are carefully guarded.

6) (3б.) What do children usually say at Halloween?

- They ask if you would like a 'trick' or a 'treat'. If you give them
something nice, a treat, they go away. However, if you don't, they play a trick on you, such as making a lot of noise or spilling flour on your front

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