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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Викторина по теме "Известные люди России.Юрий Гагарин." на английском языке.

Викторина по теме "Известные люди России.Юрий Гагарин." на английском языке.

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Yuri Gagarin

1.When did the first flight by man into space take place?(on the 12th of April ,1961)

2.How old was Yuri Gagarin at that time?(27)

3.What is he?(the first cosmonaut in the world)

4.How long did his flight last?(108 minutes)

5.The spaceship Vostok 1 left the Earth and turned around it 3 times, didn’t it?

6.Was it a brilliant achievement of our scientists and technologists?

7.Did he risk his life? hello_html_30e23271.jpghello_html_30e23271.jpg

8.Is Yuri Gagarin a well-known person all over the world?

9.Do you enjoy the fact that he was Russian?

10.Are we proud of him?

11.In what family was he born?(in a simple country family)

12.When and where was he born?(on the 9th of March,1934;in Clushino village; Smolensk region)

13.What was his father?(a carpenter)-плотник

14.What was his mother?(a milkmaid)

15.What were his favourite school subjects?(Maths and Physics)

16.When did he become interested in flying?(in a technical college)

17.When did he become a pilot?(after graduating from pilot school in Saratov)

18.How many daughters did he have?(2)

19.Do you know that his smile became one of the symbols of the Soviet Union?

20.Why was Gagarin compared to Christopher Columbus?

21.Why are Russian people proud of Yuri Gagarin?

22.How do we honour him?(streets,squares were named after him)

23.When do we celebrate the Day of Cosmonauts?

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