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Викторина по теме "Спорт"

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Викторина по теме “Sport



  1. Отработка лексики по теме «Спорт»;

  2. Обучение грамматике: порядок слов в предложении;

  3. Обучение восприятию английской устной речи.


  1. Развитие лингвистической догадки;

  2. Развитие творческого мышления;


  1. Воспитание уважения к партнерам по команде;

  2. Воспитание умения работать в группе.

Ход мероприятия.

Teacher: Good afternoon boys and girls! Sit down please. How are you? Do you like secrets?

Children: Yes, we do.

Teacher: I have got a secret for you. The teacher shows a packet to the children. Guess what is it in the packet. It is a sport thing. You can touch it and then guess. Children touch the packet one by one. Then one of them says it is a ball.

Teacher: Right you are! It is a ball. But what ball is this?

Children: A tennis ball.

Teacher: Well done! Today we have a lesson in a form of competition. Sport plays a great role in our life that is why we devote our lesson to sport and active lifestyle.

We need two teams and you give your teams names connected with the topic “Sport”.

1.Задание «Quiz”.

Teacher: Our competition has six parts. For each part every team gets some points. The team that gets more points wins.

The first task is “Quiz”. Look at the blackboard. You can see three sectors. Each of them has a number of questions. You choose a sector (sport, place, equipment), I read you a question and you answer it.




Questions to the sector “Sport”:

  1. It’s a game played by two teams of eleven players who want to kick a ball into the other team’s gate. (football)

  2. It’s a game played indoors between two teams of five players, each team wants to throw a ball into the basket. (basketball)

  3. You must have strong hands and legs to move in water of a pool for this kind of sport. (swimming)

  4. It’s a game for two persons or two pairs of people, they use rackets to hit a small soft ball over the net. (tennis)

  5. In this sport you must jump very high and run very fast. ( athletics)

Questions to the sector “Place”:

  1. Where is football played? (Stadium)

  2. Where is basketball played (Gymnasium)

  3. Where can you do swimming? (Swimming pool)

  4. Where can you play tennis? (Tennis court)

  5. Where can you do skateboarding? (on the ground)

Questions to the sector “Equipment”:

  1. What do you need to play tennis? (two rackets, a tennis ball)

  2. What do you need to play basketball? (a basketball ball)

  3. What do you need to play football? (a football ball, two gates)

  4. What do you need for swimming? ( a bathing costume)

  5. What do you need for skateboarding? (a skate)

Задание «Go or play

Teacher: The next task is called «Go or play?» Each team gets flash cards with the names of different kinds of sport. The first team chooses the cards with sports which they can go and the second the sports which they can play. Your task is to put them on the board with magnets. You have three minutes.

A list of kinds of sports: football, swimming, basketball, tennis, cricket, gymnastics, judo, athletics, baseball.

Play: football, basketball, tennis, cricket, baseball

Go: swimming, gymnastics, judo, and athletics

When time is up the teacher corrects mistakes with children and counts points.

3. Задание “Anagrams”

In this part of our quiz each member of a team gets a sheet of paper with 10 anagrams. Your task is to make 10 words from the letters. You will get 1 point for each right word. All the words are about sport. I give you 3minutes.

e k i c r c t (cricket)

g b o n i x (boxing)

i n s m i m g w (swimming)

l b s a l t e k b a (basketball)

m j n g i p u (jumping)

u i g n r n n (running)

k e b r a o s d g n i t n (skateboarding)

y l p a (play)

t s d m u i a (stadium)

l b l a (ball)

When time is up a teacher corrects mistakes with children and counts the points.

4. Задание “A road to health”.

Each team gets the words on sheets of paper. The task is to make 2 sentences from the words – one sentence is written with red pencil and another with green. Then you must build a road with these sentences. One team builds from the left corner of the classroom and another from the right corner. Two teams are meeting in the middle of the classroom.

When the road is ready a pupil from each team stepping on the words is walking from the corner to the middle and reading the sentences they made.

The sentences.

  1. day do I gymnastics every. I do gymnastics every day.

  2. teeth always I clean. I always clean teeth.

  3. play often I sport. I often play sport.

  4. fruit often I eat. I often eat fruit.

  5. Задание “Understand me”

Our task is “Understand me” or “Mime game”. Each of you gets a flash card with the name of sport you must show to your team what sport is this without words. If your team doesn’t know the answer another team can answer.

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