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Викторина:"What do you know about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?"

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Викторина для 6-классников

 Викторина "What do you know about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?"

Цели и задачи викторины:

·  расширение знаний о Великобритании;

·  формирование уважения и интереса к другой культуре;

·  развитие языковых способностей учащихся закрепление изученного материала;

. повторить пройденный учебный материал в неформальной обстановке;

. повысить интерес учащихся к изучению английского языка.


компьютер, видеопроектор, презентация в PowerPoint по теме "England, Scotland, Wales," карта Великобритании.

Учебный материал:

1.  М.З. Биболетова. Учебник Английский с удовольствием 6 кл.

I. Приветствие, мотивация.

T: Good afternoon, everybody! Do you like to travel? Let's all together make a short journey to one of the European countries. Today we are going to have a quiz "What do you know about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?" I’m sure you have got much information about this wonderful country at your English lessons. And now you will have an opportunity to show your knowledge. Good luck! Be attentive. It’s high time to begin, but first let the participants introduce themselves. Участники по очереди рассказывают о себе (принимают участие 7 человек).

Thank you very much. And now dear boys and girls, let’s start our quiz.

II. Викторина:

1.  What is the official name of this country?

2.  What's the population of the UK? (about 59 million people)

3.  How many countries does the UK consist of? (Four)

4. What is the capital of the UK? (London)

5 .What is the symbol of the UK? (The red rose)

6. What is the official language of the country? (English)

7. What is the capital of England? (London)

8. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

9. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

10. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast)

11. What is the largest island of the country?(Great Britain)

12. What is the national symbol of Scotland? (thistle)

13. What is the national symbol of Wales? (daffodil)

14. What is the national symbol of Northern Ireland? (clover

15.  What do British people call the national flag? (The Union Jack)

16. Why do the British speak so much about the weather? (It's an island country and that's why the weather is very changeable).

17. Now let's begin our journey with England, the largest part and  the heart of the UK.

18. What is the population of England? (51 million)

19. What language do people speak there? (English)

20. How are people, who live in England, called? (the English.)

21. When is the English National Day? (23 April)

22. What is the longest river in England? (the Thames)

23. Whose cross is on the national flag of England? Saint George's Cross (a red cross on a white field)

24. Whose cross is on the national flag of Scotland (St Andrew’s Cross)

25. Whose cross is on the national flag of Northern Ireland? (St Patrick’s Cross)

26. What is the flag of Wales called? (the Red Dragon)

27.  What are the largest cities in England? (Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield)

28. What river is the longest in GB? (the Severn)

29. How is called the clock on one of the towers of the Houses of Parliament? ( Big Ben )

30. What is the residence of the queen in London? (Buckingham Palace)

31. How many rooms are there? (600)

32. What a world-known British writer was called the swan of Avon and why? (William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon.)

33. What great Shakespeare's plays do you know? (The Comedy of Errors, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear Macbeth...)

 Let's speak about Scotland, the second part of the UK

34. What parts is the country divided to? (Highlands and Lowlands)

35. What is the population of Scotland? (5 million)

36. What languages are spoken in Scotland? (English but some of the people still speak Scottish Gaelic, the ancient Celtic language of Scotland.)

37. How are people, who live in Scotland, called? (the Scottish or Scots)

38. What is Edinburgh sometimes called? (Athens of the North)

39. What is the Edinburgh Castle used to be? (a fortress)

40. What lake is the most well-known in Scotland? (Loch Ness)

41. What mountain is the highest in this country? (Ben Nevis)

42.  What a well - known Scottish poet do you know? (Robert Burns)

Now we shall speak about Wales. It's the smallest country in the UK. Where is it situated?

43. What languages do people speak? (English and Welsh)

44.  What is the population of Wales? (about 3 million)

45. How are people, who live in Wales, called? (the Welsh.)

46. What is the biggest city and port in Wales? (Cardiff)

45. How is North Wales called and why? (It's known as Snowdonia because there is the second highest mountain in Britain Snowdon) /

46. When do people in Wales celebrate their National Day? (1 March)

Финал. Now it’s time to organize a competition between two finalists. Dear friend! You get a card with a long word. You have to make other words from the letters it contains. I give you 5 minutes. The winner is the participant who finds the largest number of words. (Personality)

(in the card: person, son, noisy, tea, reason, net, rest, pen, tiny, etc)

Our traveling is over. It's great when people have an opportunity to travel,  expand their outlook and know each other better. And I hope you have  enjoyed our trip a lot. I'm glad that you've learned a lot about Great Britain.

III Подведение итогов

Now we shall count your scores. Who has more? Our congratulations. (выявление победителей и их награждение). Thank you for your work. Good bye!

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