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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Научные работы / Выступление на школьную научно-исследовательскую конференцию по филологическому профилю (английский язык)
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Выступление на школьную научно-исследовательскую конференцию по филологическому профилю (английский язык)



My name`s Tanya Samodurova. I`m 14. I am the student of the 8-th form at Repyovskaya Secondary school. The tutor of the research work is S. V. Volvenkina the English teacher. (1slide)

Тема работы.

The theme of our work is “Traditional Scottish Music. Bagpipe music”. (1 slide) (2 slide)

Актуальность выбранной проблемы.

Regional ethnographers, cultural specialists studied the history of a bagpipe, it`s roots, types. But I can say that there are few of such researches. There is no full idea or conception concerning the exact place where someone has heard the first sound of the instrument. Not all of us know anything about this wonderful instrument (3 slide).

At my school we`ve made the survey among our students at the age of 13 – 16. And it appeared that the children know little about Scottish music and instruments.

(4 slide) 85 % of the students know that a bagpipe is the main Scottish instrument. The other 15 % have no idea of it.

(5 slide) 3 % of teens heard something about different types of bagpipes in various countries. The others think that there is just one kind of this instrument in the world.

(6 slide) Nobody knows the roots or the origin of the instrument. But all the children are eager to learn about it.

(7 slide) 65 % of the students would like to learn the rules of playing bagpipe and want to play it.

(8 slide) 25 % of our pupils like the sound of a bagpipe. 15 % consider it is unpleasant. 60 % don`t care about it. All in all our work will be useful for everybody to learn something new and interesting about bagpipe music.

(9 slide) Nowadays a person should have the broad outlook, he or she should know the culture of his or her own country and the traditions of other cultures. And of course our life can`t be full without music. If a man likes studying languages and has a musical ear he definitely should learn the history of musical instruments in different countries.

As for me I`m fond of music. I can play the piano. And I adore sweet sounds of a bagpipe.

Practical significance and great interest to Scottish music, and particularly to a bagpipe, gave the name of our research work.

Цель работы.

(10 slide) The purpose of our work is to make clear interesting and unknown facts about traditional Scottish bagpipe music.

Объект работы.

(11 slide) The object of our work is traditional Scottish music and its actuality.

Предмет исследования.

(12 slide) The research subject is the Scottish bagpipe, types of bagpipes, the history of the origin, instrument device, the rules of playing bagpipe music.

Задачи исследования.

(13 slide) The aims of our work are:

  1. Make a survey among the students of our school concerning knowledge and interest to a bagpipe and analyze the results of it;

  2. Know if there are some common historical roots of bagpipes in different countries;

  3. Study the history of the origin of the Scottish bagpipe;

  4. Learn how to play bagpipe music;

  5. Discover the popularity of bagpipe music nowadays.

Основная часть.

  1. Традиционная шотландская музыка.

(14 slide) Music took a very important place in the ancient tribes` life in Scotland. From early times different songs and melodies appeared and they still have their peculiarity. They possess special rhythms connected with folk dances.

  1. Что такое шотландская волынка. Устройство.

(15 slide) Of course, everybody knows that the main traditional Scottish instrument is a bagpipe. In ancient times it was just a war instrument. In the 19-th century when Scotland became part of Great Britain, the highland bagpipe came as the musical instrument to many countries.

The Great Highland bagpipe is classified as a woodwind instrument. Although it is classified as a double-reed instrument, the reeds are all closed inside the wooden "stocks", instead of being played directly by mouth as most other woodwinds are. The Great Highland Bagpipe actually has four reeds: the chanter reed (double), two tenor drone reeds (single), and one bass drone reed (single).

(15 slide) A modern set has a bag, a chanter, a blowpipe, two tenor drones, and one bass drone. It is made of animal`s skin (goat, ox, calf). It may be decorated in different ways.

(16 slide) To produce sounds, a bagpiper presses the bag with air by the elbow of the left hand.

(17 slide) Bagpipe music has the nine notes of the chanter scale "low G, low A, B, C, D, E, F, high G, and high A".

C - ДО

D - РЕ

E – МИ

F - ФА


A - ЛЯ

B - СИ


  1. Происхождение волынки. Корни.

(18 slide) There are various dates for the introduction of bagpipes to Scotland, but concrete evidence is limited until approximately the 15th century. There are many ancient legends and stories about bagpipes which were passed down through minstrels and oral tradition, whose origins are now lost. However, textual evidence for Scottish bagpipes is more definite in 1396.

(19 slide) This instrument is of Mid-Eastern origin, one of the oldest in the world. In Europe the bagpipes appeared only in the Middle ages. First in Ireland, and then bagpipes moved to Scotland, where they became a kind of symbol of this independent country. The Scots added the third drone tube (originally had two) and decorated with a traditional plaid pattern. Bagpipes played at festivals, weddings, funerals.

(20 slide) In the fourteenth century England began to conquer an independent Scotland. During the numerous battles the Scottish troops went into battle with the sound of bagpipes because it annoyed the British. But when Scotland and Britain became the united country, the bagpipe took its deserved place and became famous around the world. Scottish bagpipes began to play military, folk and dance tunes adapted for marching movement.

  1. Виды волынок в разных странах.

(21 slide)There are different types of bagpipes in various countries. They have some peculiarities but all in all they are alike.

For example, look at some of them. (22 – 29 slides)

Armenian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian (слайды презентации).

  1. Правила игры на волынке.

(30 slide) Do you know how to play bagpipe music? One of the tubes with side holes (chanter) serves to play any melodies, and the other ones are bass tubes, which are set up between themselves. To produce sounds, a bagpiper presses the bag with air by the elbow of the left hand.

  1. Волынка сейчас. Актуальность игры на волынке.

(31 slide) Bagpipes have become part of the official instruments of military bands from English speaking countries and are constantly heard during the various ceremonies in the UK. The return of the bagpipes in the musical mainstream is because of great interest and fashion for the style "folk", national music and dances. Now it is again possible to hear at folk festivals, concerts, weddings and parties in Europe. Scottish bagpipe music can be heard during concerts in local pubs and nightclubs, as well as on the streets of the popular tourist areas, where the bagpipers generally accompany the drummers.

Interest in Celtic music in Russia is constantly growing, and its popularity is the mental similarity of the Russian and Celtic peoples.


In conclusion we would like to say that during our researches we found out that this instrument was not only Scottish one but lots of European countries had it.

A bagpipe has long and exciting origin history. There are different legends of how it appeared. Approximately it was the 15-th century.

The structure of a bagpipe is not complicated but there are special rules of playing this music.

Watching lots of videos on You Tube, reading Forums concerning bagpipe music gave us the idea that there are many people who are very interested in bagpipe music. A lot of bagpipe festivals are held all over the world.

(32-34 slides) And in Russia such festivals took place many times (slide). And everybody was happy to be there.

(35 slide) There is Moscow & District Pipe Band. The first cast of the band was formed in August 2004. The pilot version of the musical celtic show arose such intense spectators’ interest. The band is invited to participate in programs, presentations and corporate events by different Moscow concert agencies. Active work on the repertoire and spectacular shows staging is carried out together with Scottish dance school «Shady Glen». So it means that our topic of the work is worth discussing. And we hope we continue our researches in future.

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